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Goodbye stress

Updated on July 1, 2015

Now a day’s most of us suffer from stress. Even a kid has his own problems and suffers through stress which leads to an unhealthy life. Basically stress refers to a worse mental and physical state resulting from tension, pressure and other general problems which people face on a daily basis. Change, fear, uncertainty, family pressure, unrealistic expectations, traumatic events are some causes which lead to stress and have a huge impact on their life. This can be even worse when a person is forced to attempt suicide because he/she finds no other way out.

Therefore it is important to manage or recover from stress at an early stage in order to avoid the worst outcomes. The below mentioned are some ways to manage stress and help you lead a better life by overcoming various obstacles and hurdles of life.

Meditation and exercise

Meditation helps in reducing the mental stress and on the other hand exercise guards against the adverse physical effects of stress. These two things can really help you come out of stress and feel peaceful. Being active will certainly boost your energy level and distract you from daily worries. Meditation helps one concentrating on their health and mental betterment, there by deflecting you from uncertainties and fears. Moreover daily exercising helps your brain to function well and reduces daily irritations.

Stay positive

Being optimistic can lead to a more cheerful, happy and contented life. One must try to stay away from people or things which propel negativity in them. Incline yourself towards new and positive opportunities in order to revive your existence. Cultivate an encouraging and joyful environment for yourself wherein you can enjoy and laugh from your heart. Surround yourself with those who make you feel happy and satisfied.

Stay socially connected

Stay young and alive all the time. Be present at all parties and stay in touch with the ones who make you glad. Loneliness can never help you come out of stress in fact it is a major source of stress. Engage with friends and people around you to allow you to awaken your energy and help you move forward with harmony.

Let go of the past

Nobody in the world can help you to forget the past; it is you who has to push yourself towards new opportunities and prospects. Learn from your past and craft a better present and brighter future. Never let the past hold you back. Try to move without getting disheartened, it’s good to fall then stand and move on in life.

Capture the happiness

Know yourself, your tastes and preferences, what makes you happy. Love yourself and have faith in yourself. Take pride in being what you are and thank god for what all he bestowed on you. Forget the worries and choose to be happy. Smile, laugh, sing, dance and experience a healthier and enhanced life.

Set yourself free and just go with the flow. You are no longer merely breathing in life, you are living it. Always stay young at heart and be happy and also make others happy. Be the reason for other’s happiness.

Don’t worry, be happy :)


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    • Radhika Mehta profile imageAUTHOR

      Radhika Mehta 

      3 years ago

      Thanks :)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great tips for anyone looking to reduce their own stress.


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