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Home treatment of pinkeye and eye discharge

Updated on March 31, 2008

Home treatment of pinkeye and eye discharge

Babies often get goopy eyes in the first few days or weeks of their lives. The most common eye discharge is caused by irritation due to the silver nitrate eye drops, given shortly after the baby's birth to protect against gonococcal infection. This discharge should not last longer than 2 days. A discharge that is present after the third day can be linked to a blocked tear duct or an infection.

In older children, conjunctivitis often accompanies a viral cold. Eye discharge of a viral origin is usually mild and not as thick as in more severe bacterial infections.

Eye discharge in bacterial infections is usually very heavy and thick, and the pus forms a heavy crust. Children often wake up in the morning with their eye glued shut. A lot of discharge can run from the eye as well.

Bacterial infections require a visit to the doctor and some prescription eyedrops.

Viral infections related to a cold or flu will clear up by themselves in time.

In all the cases, a safe and practical home supplemental treatment suitable for babies, children, and adults, is available in the form of chamomile solution. Chamomile is a well known herb, widely used in Europe for its anti-inflammatory effect.

You can make your own solution simply by steeping an organic chamomile tea bag for 15 minutes. Simply pour some boling water over the tea bag, cover, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Always let it cool down to lukewarm temperature before applying to the eyes. Use a clean cotton ball or a cotton cleansing pad, soak it in the luke warm liquid and gently wipe the infected eye. Never use the same cotton ball or pad on both eyes. Discard after one wipe. Don't double dip. Repeat with a new ball or pad at least three times at a time, or until you get most of the discharge off. Repeat 3 or 4 times a day or as needed.

The luke warm temperature of the chamomile solution helps to wipe the discharge away more easily than a cold solution would.

Chamomile is so gentle in its nature that in Europe it is often considered the safest eye washing treatment for babies with goopy eyes.


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    • profile image

      jhon 5 years ago

      Eye discharged is really annoying, but this site is very helpful and helped me to cure it. So thanks this information is useful.

    • profile image

      assistive1 5 years ago

      I cured the dry eye feeling from my left eye by getting a prescription for Tobradex eye drops from the Eye Doctor/Optometrist. I thereafter got a clean contact lens and put 2 drops of Tobradex into it, filling it almost completely, and thereafter inserted the contact lens within my eye for approx. 4 hours and a half, almost 5 full hours of the day. While the lens was in my eye, I could feel the dry eye feeling of having to rub the eye which would ultimately cause more mucus, gradually go away and disappear, which was a good sign, and after removing the lens, my eye looked all cleared up and the feeling of having to rub my eye or the excessive mucus in my eye was gone. HOWEVER, please be careful when commencing this due to the fact TOBRADEX is a corticosteroid and an anti inflammatory, so do not leave lens filled with tobradex in eye for more than 4-5 hours. This is what worked for me and I had really bad BAD eye mucus and dry eye like you would not believe it. I went on Vigamox 3 times prior to this working, fuchious eye balm, Tobrex (both drops and balm), baby shampoo scrubs and finally, Tobradex seemed to cure it the most. However, the feeling did come back and after doing the above mentioned trick with the lens, it cleared the mucus up completely.