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Gout Remedies and Symptoms

Updated on March 21, 2011

What is Gout?

Gout is caused by an excess build up of uric acid within the body. As uric acid builds up it leaves behind deposits which cause arthritic pain along with redness, tenderness, and swelling of the affected joint. Goat found in the big toe is called podagra. Podagra accounts for around half of all goat cases.

In the past gout was referred to as "the rich man's disease," however,if affects both rich and poor, male and female.

Symptoms of Gout

At night, when the bodies temperature is at the lowest, is when the symptoms of goat first begin to appear.

Initially, you will feel intense pain in one of your joints. Most commonly the big toe, but your knees, hands, wrists, and ankles are other common locations to feel gout pain. You also may begin to run a fever and feel fatigued.

Over the next day the pain will begin to diminish. Lingering pain will haunt you for the days and weeks that follow. You will also see the tell-tale inflammation and tenderness in the affected joints. Later episodes are likely to involve previously unaffected areas as the gout spread.

If you are experiencing symptoms of gout it is important to contact a doctor, especially if accompanied by a fever. Immediate treatment is necessary in order to prevent further damage to your joins and to keep the condition from spreading.

Gout Remedies and Treatment

If you have gout there are a variety of medical treatments and at home remedies to cure your gout. Along with treating it there are lifestyle changes you can make to prevent and control gout.

Medical Treatment of Gout

A doctor is going to prescribe two types of medications to you. Gout medicine is either designed to either prevent and treat attacks of gout, or they are designed to prevent further complications from developing due to your gout.

Some of the drugs that they use to treat and prevent gout attacks include NSAIDs, colchicine and corticosteroids.

NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are used to control pain and inflammation during an attack and also to prevent further attacks. Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs may also be used some of the time. While your goat symptoms are active a stronger dose will be prescribed and it will be gradually lowered to prevent further attacks at a later date. Risks include bleeding and ulcers.

Colchicine and corticstreoids are more powerful prescription drugs which may be used if you can not use NSAIDS are they have been ineffective Along with being more powerful they also have more possible side effects.

Medications designed to prevent further complications from the effects of gout either block uric acid production, or improve the removal of uric acid. Xanthine oxidase inhibitors will reduce the amount of uric acid your body produces. Probenecid is prescribed to improve your bodies abbility to remove uric acid from your system.

Natural Gout Remedies and Lifestyle Changes

If medical your doctor is not able to alleviate your gout symptoms, or if you are concerned of the side effects, some natural gout remedies exist. As we know, gout is caused by an excess build up of uric acid. Natural gout remedies consist of natural foods and supplements that you can take to lower the amount of uric acid built up in your body and to quickly expel the acid from your system. 

Fight Gout With Vitamin C

Vitamins C is the most common and natural remedies for gout. Vitamin C naturally lowers the amount of uric acid found in your system. Eating more fruits and vegetables, especially oranges, will greatly alleviate your gout symptoms. In extreme cases gout sufferers may switch to a diet consisting almost solely of orange juice and water.

Cherries and other Berries to Prevent and Treat Gout

Recent studies have shown cherries, and other dark colored berries, to be effective at lowering levels of gout causing uric acid; thus being a healthy gout remedy. Adding these fruits to your diet may help alleviate your symptoms and prevent gout in the future. Try making cherries, raspberries, grapes, and blueberries regular parts of your daily diet.

Coffee Not Only Keeps You Awake, It Also Helps Cure Gout

Whether regular or decaffeinated, researchers have discovered that coffee helps lower levels of uric acid . Now you can stay alert while drinking while protecting yourself from the painful symptoms of gout. Scientists are not sure how coffee lowers uric acid levels but further research is exploring this issue how coffee is a gout remedy.

Meditation Relieves Discomfort of Gout

As an alternative to pain relievers many sufferers from gout turn to meditation as a way to remedy gout's discomfort. Relaxing the mind and body through activities such as meditation, yoga, exercise, stretching, and prayer has aided many gout sufferers with living through the discomfort. A healthy body, mind, and spirit are one of the best gout remedies.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Gout

Staying fit and eating a proper diet is the best way to prevent gout and to insure the symptoms do not return in the future. Try to to avoid alcohol and fatty foods. Low- fat, protein rich meats and nuts, along with ffruits and vegetables, especially those containing citric acid, are what you want to be eating. Maintaning an healthy weight, regular exewrcise, and eating the proper foods are what prevents gout. 


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