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Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews: Will You Lose Weight?

Updated on May 12, 2014

Will it Do the Miracle?

Do you think Green Coffee Bean Extract might be your lucky charm? Would it be the key for your weight loss? Do you believe the miracle which latest studies say it does?

According to what most scientists keep saying, and considering the results of the initial clinical study conducted by researchers at the University of the Scranton, the usage of Green Coffee Bean Extract in losing body weight has made people to believe that, these “miracle beans” will be the key to open their doors to lose weight!

Green Coffee Beans were Researched and Clinically Tested to Measure its Effectiveness in Losing Weight
Green Coffee Beans were Researched and Clinically Tested to Measure its Effectiveness in Losing Weight

Researching for the Best

This original study was conducted in March of 2012 which was mainly focused around the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract regarding weight loss. For this study, all the participants were treated with a placebo, either a 1,000 mg high dose green coffee extract pill, or a 700mg low dose green coffee supplement. All these participants were rotated within these treatments for every few weeks, and non of them were told which pill they were taking exactly at any given time. And after 22 weeks, researchers found that almost all the participants lost about 18 pounds on average, which was a total weight loss of about 10%. They had also lost 16% of their total body fat during the study period.

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Lose Weight with No Restrictions!

Even those weight loss rates were not that much high as in other studies, the amazing thing was on about the caloric intake of the participants. They mentioned that the participants were having an average caloric intake around 2,400 calories per day, which was much higher than the caloric intake rate of a person who focuses on losing weight. The researches were even more amazed by the fact that, the participants lost all that weight with no exercise at all. The participants were only burning around 400 calories per day with whatever exercise they got.

See How Green Coffee Bean Miracle Has Worked for Them!
See How Green Coffee Bean Miracle Has Worked for Them! | Source
Chlorogenic acid Levels of a Green Coffee Bean
Chlorogenic acid Levels of a Green Coffee Bean

"Chlorogenic Acid" - Secret Behind Success

The researchers conducting the study found out that, this weight loss was caused by a substance in green coffee beans, called “chlorogenic acid.” This “Chlorogenic acid” has played two primary roles in weight loss, which are:

  • Clorogenic acid prevents the liver from storing fat
  • Chlorogenic acid causes a dramatic increase in metabolism, sometimes up to 2-3x as fast

These two mechanisms had delivered powerful weight loss results. Some users who were having green coffee supplements had almost lost around 1-2% of their body weight per week.

Some of the Benefits You Gain by Having Green Coffee Beans
Some of the Benefits You Gain by Having Green Coffee Beans | Source

Green Coffee Beans - Package of Benefits!

And furthermore, in addition to weight loss, there are many other benefits of green coffee bean extract as well. They provide vital vitamins which our bodies need to maintain proper functionality. Moreover, there have been no known side effects of having green coffee bean extract and none of those participants in the study displayed any side effects or health problems. The researches were more than happy with their study results and with the outcome they had and then started to replicate the study with more participants, which also provided the same results as expected.

Green Coffee Weight Loss : Before & After Results

Have Faith and Be the Miracle!

And soon as these success stories burst out to the world, people started using Green Coffee Bean Extract in a daily basis which eventually lead them to start losing weight and burning fat as all the researches predicted. The users have the option, either to purchase green coffee supplements or green coffee bean extract pills to use in regular basis. Among those users, tt is believe that green coffee supplements are more effective in losing weight rather than the pills. So if you are also suffering from not been able to lose your weight, I would simply recommend to try them since there is no reason to wait any longer. Green Coffee Bean Extract if completely harmless and clinically proven not to cause any health issues. And If you still have any kind of a doubt of its results, you can just search online for the hundreds of other success stories of losing weight, achieve by simply using Green Coffee Bean Extract.

So Give it a Try to Live The Miracle!

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