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What do the Experts know about GLM and Cancer ?

Updated on June 17, 2014

Many studies have been done on green lipped mussel and cancer. Various tests and experiments have been conducted and are still being done on green lipped mussel (GLM) and its possible therapeutic effects on cancer. Although it was initially concluded that green lipped mussels do not have medicinal value when it comes to cancer treatment or cure, studies have not ended. Initially, it was studied for the purpose of cancer research, and did not produce positive results. It did, however, prove to be a potent source of anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great alternative treatment for arthritis.

To this day, there are various contradicting claims when it comes to GLMs and what they can do for cancer. Some say that it has no effect on cancer whatsoever; while there are still some reports of these green shell mussels and its possible use as an alternative cancer treatment. Despite the continued discussion on whether or not it can be used for cancer treatment, one thing can be said for sure: green lipped mussel and cancer is still an idea that continue to provide hope when it comes to finding an alternative treatment or possibly even a cure.

These green shell mussels that can be found in New Zealand are said to contain cancer-killing lipids. They are in fact the only shellfish to contain this particular oily substance. This substance was used in an experiment where it proved successful in killing cancer cells in test tubes.

While the same positive results cannot be guaranteed when it comes to using it in the actual human body, the fact that we now know that it contains properties that actually have the ability to kill cancer cells tells us that we are in the right path. The only challenge now is the fact that we have unique and individual factors to our body that each and every patient will have different reactions to any form of cancer treatment.

Knowing all this, we can safely say that as we wait for more evidence of green lipped mussel as a cancer treatment there is no harm in taking it. All known side effects such as diarrhea and nausea are nothing compared to what present cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation does to the body. At the very least, it will surely help in boosting the immune system, which is very important for all cancer patients.

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