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Sprinkling Green Lipped Mussels on Dog Food is a Good Thing

Updated on May 20, 2014

When making health and nutrition decisions for yourself, your family, and your pets, its wise to take a natural approach. As a species, we have been consuming natural foods for 99.9% of our existence, it is only in the last centuries that we have been sliding into more synthesized and nutritionally watered down diets, and our bodies have been paying the price.

As fantastic as scientific advances in drugs and nutrition have been, nothing can compare to the abundance of vitamins and minerals packed into foods such as the green lipped mussel. So mix green lipped supplements into your, and your dogs food in order to get what your body needs the natural way.

What exactly are green lipped mussels?

They are a shellfish located solely in the waters of New Zealand. The mussels environment of pollution free waters, and its consumption of vitamin rich plankton, make it one of this worlds most nutritious foods.

The Maori, an indigenous population of New Zealand once consumed the mussels raw as a staple of their diet. Though their lives were laborious, they never seemed to develop chronic joint pain and arthritis. They called the mussels a miracle food, and for decades, people in New Zealand have been consuming the mussels in their raw form for their unique nutritional content for decades.

But what makes green lipped mussels work?

They are stocked with omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The American Heart Associations attributes proper levels of omega-3s to robust cardiovascular health, and warns that Americans need to eat more fish to up their omega-3s to protect against heart disease and stroke. Green lipped mussels can have up to 200 times as much omega-3 as salmon and other fish, and is a great way to bring your bodies fatty acid content to proper levels.

They are stocked with anti-oxidants. Though common in most foods, we don’t seem to consume enough Vitamin A, B complexes, C, E, Zinc, Manganese and other essential anti oxidants. Antioxidants help defend the body against free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are chemically reactive. They degrade tissues and are believed to be responsible for degenerative diseases and cancers.

Green lipped mussels also contain rare proteins, lipids, and complex carbohydrates that lubricate connective tissue, treat arthritis and asthma, and promote good immune function.

How do I get the advantages of a raw food that is only grown on the other side of the globe?

The raw green shelled mussels can be very expensive to ship fresh. And although we all enjoy raw seafood every once in a while, it is impractical to believe that we can eat them everyday. Green lipped mussels are available in different forms.

The most popular is an oil extract. Though the oil contains the omega-3s that the body needs, the mussels other health benefits are stripped in the extraction process. Only in a powdered supplement form, do the mussels contain all the goodies that are present in the mussels raw, natural form.

So give it a shot! People who take the supplement, or mix it in to their dog food, notice the effects within six weeks. The side effects are minimal (some, dryness and digestive discomfort that eases as your body gets used to being healthy so be sure to drink plenty of water) and the benefits are huge. Taking a natural approach to your health and nutrition is the best path to take.

Mel Crosby research a series of websites in the Health genre and his present site is Green Lipped Mussel is a shell fish that is only found on the coast of New Zealand. The benefits of this Mussel are amazing, learn about more these benefits at Green Lipped Mussel dog food to find one of the Best products in the market.

The Green Lipped Mussel


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