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Green Tea Comprehensive Guide

Updated on February 9, 2014

In this post, I’m going to cover these topics:

  • Green Tea Story.
  • Green Tea Components.
  • 23 Benefits of Green Tea.
  • Green Tea Damages.
  • Green Tea and Losing Weight.
  • Preparing Methods of Green Tea.

Green Tea has many names, like Japanese Tea and Chinese Tea, but the Latin name of it is: Camellia Sinensis. This because that green tea is extracted from Chinese plant called Camellia Sinensis plant.

Green tea is the original format of red or black tea. Green tea is the fresh leafs which are harvested by farmers in tea lands (China, India and Ceylon). Originally, green tea is the default drink of these countries (not the red tea) and when English Armies colonized this region they discovered the green tea.

They shipped it to England in regular basis, but because of the long time of sailing it had been oxidized by clamminess and hot climate, and its color converted into black. So, English people used to drink black tea, and the whole world knew the black tea by them.

Although green tea has many benefits more than black tea, but the last one had gained a fame more than his counterpart.

Recently, world knew the green tea and discovered the great benefits of it in many fields of health especially losing weight and immunology.

Green Tea Components

Green tea contains a lot of minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphor and calcium. The main components of green tea are:

Water Soluble
20 - 30%
Dietary Fiber
30 - 44%
70 - 80%
24 - 31%
Vitamin C
0.3 - 0.5%
3.4 - 4%
0.6 - 2%
0.6 - 1%
γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Each component of previous has many positive benefits for health and we will show them successively.

23 Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits. I summarized these 23 benefits here to not make this article too long. There are many resources which you can revise and get more details.

1- Green Tea and Cancer: It contains anti-biotic which is so effective 100 times more than C vitamin and 25 times than E vitamin. This protects cells from attacking by any types of damage which is related to cancer.

2- Green Tea Avoids Angina: Green tea reduces cholesterol in blood and then avoids Angina. Even after attacking by Angina, green tea avoids the death of cells and then increases the percentage of cells which save heart.

3- Green Tea Fights Aging: Green tea contains antioxidants which called Polyphenol. Polyphenol fights the roots of aging and then save your youthfulness for a long time. Another task of Polyphenols beside Polysaccharides in green tea: They work for reducing the percentage of sugar in blood with age.

4- Green Tea and Losing Weight: I’m going to speak about this topic below.

5- Green Tea and Skin: Several antibiotics in green tea protect skin against wrinkles, and then give you the appearance of eternal youth. It protects the roots of the skin. Also it fights skin cancer.

6- Green Tea and Arthritis: It avoids the ability of attacking by Arthritis and reduces the symptoms for patients. It protects cartilage and stop the spreading of the harmful enzymes which affect cartilage.

7- Green Tea for Strong Bones: I don’t mean the calcium in green tea but the fluoride. It contains a big quantity of fluoride which keeps the durability of bones. So, drinking green tea every day protects bones.

8- Green Tea and Cholesterol: Your body has 2 types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL. HDL is the useful type of cholesterol and LDL is the harmful type. LDL Cholesterol causes Atherosclerosis and clots. Green tea works to increase HDL more than LDL. Also, it reduces LDL Cholesterol.

9- Green Tea Prevents Obesity: It makes this by stopping glucose movement in fatty cells. It is recommended for all fat persons who want to burn fats.

10- Green Tea and Blood Sugar: Green tea boosts the metabolism of lipid fat and glucose, and then decreases the percentage of sugar in blood.

11- Green Tea and Alzheimer: It improves memory in general but the main task with Alzheimer is reducing Acetylcholine which causes Alzheimer.

12- Green Tea and Parkinson: As we mentioned before, green tea contains antibiotics which avoids the damages of brain cells (Brain cells are Non-renewable cells). These damages may cause Parkinson. Also, studies proved that if Parkinson’s patients drink tea in regular basis, they will significantly improve.

13- Green Tea and Liver: Researches proved that green tea destroys the harmful roots in fatty liver patients, and then gives it the ability to accept outside organs if they make Organ Transplantation.

14- Green Tea and Blood Pressure: It avoids high blood pressure. So, if you want to lower blood pressure, it is preferable to drink green tea, because it controls the generating of blood pressure causing material.

15- Green Tea and Bacterial Poisons: In daily consumption of foods, we are vulnerable for many types of bacterial poisons. Catechin of green tea kills bacteria which may poison foods and also kills toxins of these bacteria.

16- Green Tea and Immunology: It is another task for The Polyphenol that it strengthens the immunology.

17- Green Tea for Influenza and Flu: It contains C vitamin which protects body from both of flu and influenza.

18- Green Tea and Asthma: Theophylline in green tea relaxes the muscles that support the bronchial tubes, and reduces the severity of asthma.

19- Green Tea for Otitis: Did you know before that you can use green tea for external use? It is true; you can moisten a small piece of cotton and clean your ear for curing otitis.

20- Green Tea and Psoriasis: It is another external use for green tea in curing Psoriasis. Paint your skin by green tea to cure it by its interferon.

21- Green Tea and Teeth: Green tea kills the bacteria which causes tooth decay and halitosis. Also, it works to decrease the growing of these bacteria in future.

22- Green Tea and Psychological Pressures: Next time when you like to become quite, don’t resort to sedatives. Instead, drink a cup of green tea because its amino acid works for eliminating fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

23- Green Tea and HIV: Imagine that; Japanese scientists discover that green tea can stop HIV spreading from reaching the healthy cells. This is happened by its Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

Green Tea Damages

As far as I know, there is nothing completely useful or harmful, everything in this life has the both, and green tea is not an exception.

So, I include the damages of green tea here to take care of these cases if you meet one of them:

  • Calcium Absorption: Green tea affects negatively in calcium absorption. So, it is preferable to separate it from foods which contain calcium especially for those who suffer from osteoporosis.
  • Iron Absorption: The same is about iron absorption. Don’t drink green tea with foods which contain iron. Both of calcium and iron cases are for people who drink green tea in regular basis.
  • Exaggeration: Generally, drink green tea in moderate number of cups. I suggest 3 cups a day.
  • Green Tea Extracts: Green tea concentrated extracts may damage liver in few cases. I suggest ignoring these extracts because of its concentration. If you are forced to take them, it is preferable to take them beside foods or at least ask your doctor.

  • Caffeine: Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine sometimes causes worrying, irritation, nausea, diarrhea, digestive disorders or insomnia, or sometimes frequent urination.
  • K Vitamin Case:Green tea contains a little quantity of K vitamin and this makes some drugs (like Warfarin) less effective.

    Generally, if you decided taking green tea in regular basis and making it as your main drink, it is preferable to ask your doctor after doing health checks and tests.

Green Tea and Losing Weight

If we don’t speak about green tea benefits completely except this benefit, it will be more than enough. It successfully burns fat and all nutritionists recommended it for any diet system. It increases metabolism and works for burning more than 70 calories a day by drinking just one cup. If you commit with drinking green tea for 3 times a day, you may lose around 18 kg in the whole year. Of course this will happen beside a moderate diet system or weight loss program.

Dr. Nicolas Bricon, a professor in Michigan University declared that Green Tea can help in losing around 4.5 kg of weight within 6 weeks.

Bricon was in Opera’s talk show and she asked him “I read in one of your books that green tea can reduce weight by 4.5 kg in just 6 weeks if we replace coffee by it, how can this happen?”

He answered:

"those organic acids in coffee increase the percentage of sugar and insulin, while if you replace coffee by green tea you will take your need of caffeine beside low sugar percentage and fats as well."

In a calculation equation and some tests, and probably you will be able to lose around 4.5 kg in 6 weeks.

Nowadays, green tea is so famous element in losing weight process. Almost, all nutritionists recommend it for people who want to lose weight in natural way without side effects.

Preparing Methods of Green Tea

Note: Try to buy the natural leaves of green tea as much as possible. If you couldn’t, it is ok to use industrial packs.

There are 2 methods to prepare green tea.

First Method: Soaking


  • In a teapot, add required quantity of water. (1 or 2 cups of water for example).
  • For each cup of tea add ½ tsp of green tea. Or 3 leaves of green tea.
  • Let it till boiling.
  • Cover it for 3 – 5 minutes and then drink it.

Second Method: The Healthy Recipe


  • In a teapot, add 5 cups of water and put it on medium heat till boiling.
  • In another pot, add 1½ tsp of green tea.
  • Add the boiled water on the tea.
  • Stir quickly to keep antioxidants from volatilization and cover at once.
  • Let it for 5 minutes and stir again.
  • Let it for another 5 minutes and filtrate it.
  • You can drink it now. It is preferable to drink it with green mint without sugar.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Green Tea


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      Green tea comprehensive guide is very beneficial for all of us. It is nature's wonder medicine