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Grounding - Your Higher Self Into Your Physical Presence

Updated on February 7, 2015

Being starts with grounding and ends with grounding. At the same time the egg and sperm where joined your Soul and Higher Self were choosing to ground you into a physical being. When you die your subtle energies will leave your physical body behind. Yes, except for those who ascend with their physical bodies as well.

Grounding connects your Higher Self (your individualized part of God), your light with the Earth. Grounding is analogous to direct electrical current (DC), like running a light bulb with a car battery. If the circuit is grounded the current (electrical, energy) runs from its source, the battery through the light bulb into the ground and it lights up. If the circuit is not grounded the current doesn't flow.

Now of course your energy is more complex, your energy is operated by your intention your thoughts and your thoughts are energy fields. In order to ground you have to intend on being connected through yourself and into the Earth. The more consciously you are connected to yourself and the Earth, the more energy is able to channel through you. This energy cannot be saved or stored. Your subtle energy fields are like the water in a river. They can be flowing forcefully they can be slow and stagnant or anything in between. Trying to store the water in the river, "damming it" will kill the river and leave the water still and stagnant. Also like a river, who's flow continually increases so that it grows a larger channel; your ability to conduct universal energy increases with, your ability to stay connected with the Earth.

The benefits of practicing grounding are astounding and physically tangible. By consciously claiming your connection to the Earth you are locating yourself in The Universe, your universe. You are giving your personal permission to The Universe to locate you here, now. You are claiming HERE I AM and I AM HERE. At this point you pull your subtle energy bodies into alignment with your physical energy bodies. This is very important for your health. Yes, your subtle energies can travel around without your physical body. Your physical body needs these subtle energies inside of it, aligned with you to thrive, just as the river needs the water flowing to be. The water doesn't need the river the river needs the water.

There is some effort required here. When you consciously locate yourself deep inside your body and connected to the core of the Earth; you will turn on all of your sensory pathways. In short, you will start feeling, a lot, such as, Pain and Pleasure, Happiness and Sadness, Hot and cold. These feelings are not Good or Bad, they are information. These feelings are your energy fields attempting to communicate with you.

Grounding is a practice in and of itself. Grounding is The Core Skill driving all of the Natural Healing Arts, Martial Arts, Art, Music, etc.; Grounding is the skill that connects the universal you with the physical here and now, you. When you are grounded you are able to sense and make sense of your world around you, your universe, The Universe.

The Results: When You are Grounded

When you ground, your body runs more efficiently. When you operate with increasing efficiency Dis-ease moves towards balance, you and your body heals. You are able to handle and process physical and emotional stress more efficiently. You are able to work more efficiently and effectively and you will be more creative and confident.

Whether you work with people or as a mechanic, are calculating your taxes or you are exercising, you will function more effectively and affectively while you are consciously choosing to be here now, in your body.

The key is that you, the part of you that is aware of you, your mental and emotional energy bodies are grounded, aligned with your physical energy bodies. Grounding is why some techniques work for certain people and not for others. Any reasonable Health and Wellness practice will work if you are grounded with it. If you are not these same techniques and practices will have little affect. While being grounded with a specific technique you will also discover if this practice resonates with you, if it does not then find one that is you.


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    • Paul Hinsberger profile image

      Paul Hinsberger 5 years ago from Fullerton, California

      Grounding is definitely part of my daily practice. Wonderful article.

    • profile image

      sean.m 6 years ago


      I really have an understanding of grounding in a new light, thankyou so much in sharing yesterday. I really feel this is going to really assist is my own energy work and a new way In which I access for my clients. In co-creation I can only say you truly are beloved..look forward to next time in divine right order and divine right timing. by the way your recommendation for some of these books are great. I awakened with some of them, remembering my incarnate shaman lives. May I recommend my favorite ( seth speaks) by jane roberts. Her whole series is a game changer in new ways to remember your own rhishi consciousness. sean.m

    • Todd Cunningham profile image

      Todd Cunningham 6 years ago from Bloomingdale, NY

      Hi Mona thank you for your comments and your acknowledgement. I hope your poetry book does well let me know when it is done. Thank you, Todd

    • Mona Germain profile image

      Mona Germain 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hi Todd. This is a wonderful and timely informative article. I am a Reiki energy Master and it is so true about our need to ground. I have had to practice a lot as I tend to be hyper by nature! Good teachings here . I just found your book on Balboa as well. Good for you. I am doing a little poetry book there. Going out of comfort zone!! LOL

    • Todd Cunningham profile image

      Todd Cunningham 9 years ago from Bloomingdale, NY

      Thank you Glassvisage for being my first commentor

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      I've never really heard the term "grounding" in this way before, but apparently it's role is much bigger than I knew... thanks for this hub, and welcome to HubPages!