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Grow a Personality

Updated on December 5, 2010

Growing a Personality

It may seem sort of odd. But you can grow a personality. First off I would say that becoming more aware of your behavior. So many people I know act like they know how they act. I would have to say that many if not most people are not aware of the way they feel about a certain issue. Certainly they are not aware of their behavior.

Many adults continue to act like children and seem to remain self centered and selfish into their adulthood. They believed that BS about your personality being formed by the time you are 5 and there is nothing that you cab do about it.

How many people have you heard say that is just the way I am and I cany change. That is a bunch of crap. Even if you do not want to change you are going to , over the years. You likes and dis-likes will change its part of like.

If you do not like the way you feel about something or someone try to figure out Why? You don't need a shrink to get to know yourself better. Its a like long process and I would rather try to figure out things for myself rather than have someone that doesnt know me analyze me and try to tell me the way to happiness.

If you are a kid you might be under the illusion that when you get older that things will be better for you. Certainly it is always nice to be an optimist. But the cold hard facts are that all of us are responsible for our own behavior.

You can change the way you feel and you can develop a personality that isn't dictated by societies expectations and still be accepted. Life is self exploration and for me the more that I could learn about myself the better off I was in any situation

Simple Self Awareness Game

When I was in 10 th grade we had the coolest Psychology teacher. We got to studt UFOs and all kind of fun things for 10 th graders.

In this class I learned tools that I have used for over 30 years.

First he taught us to imagine that we were someone else and we were watching ourselves.

Well I have a vivid imagination so I pretended I was a fly and I was able to watch myself all day.

Wow I found more things about myself that I didnt like that things I did like. It was sort of discouraging at first.

But he made me aware of these things and I wanted to change them. It has taken me a lifetime to change the things that I didnt like about myself. Along the way I aquired a few more things that I was able to change.

So you see it is a never ending process and the real interesting part of it all is that he helped me to realize that I was more than just a physical person. That I was soul.

You can choose to be on an interesting adventure as I have!


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  • thougtforce profile image

    Christina Lornemark 

    8 years ago from Sweden

    You are so right! The only thing we can change is ourselves and the change should continue throughout life.

    And it gets more interesting as the year goes by! Great game advice!

  • Jeremey profile image


    8 years ago from Arizona

    It's a shame when people fail to realize how easy and fun it can be if they just believed!

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    8 years ago from Hawaii

    Thank you Mr Williams I actually wrote this hub to remind myself that at the ripe old age or 52 I still have plenty of learning and changing to do. I am still working on growing mine ;-)

  • mr williams profile image

    mr williams 

    8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

    Honestly i came into this because the title made me laugh a little but this was a great, straight to the point hub. Thank you and this has been very helpful for me, as I'm sure it will help others along life's long road. Keep on hubbin

  • prairieprincess profile image

    Sharilee Swaity 

    8 years ago from Canada

    This is an interesting hub, and good to remember that we can work on who we are!


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