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Growing into a confident person

Updated on February 9, 2011

It is important for all individuals to be able to handle things in a confident and well adjusted manner. Not all people have the same degree of knowledge or experience in all things, but most of the time they do not realize that delivering a task with confidence will make all the difference to it being executed efficiently.

It is important to have a positive self image to begin with. Not everyone has the same environment and people around them to be molded into stronger and more competent individuals.It is important to make sure that children are given ample opportunities to express themselves and to gain experience in being able to face audiences on their own. As a child learns that he or she is good and capable and enjoys the applause and reactions to his or her performances, they will grow into stronger and well rounded individuals.

Once a feeling of being able to accomplish things is achieved, people can handle things better. It also makes them capable of working towards delivering results which are well planned. Setting personal goals and achieving them inspires a sense of happiness, completion. Feeling satisfied with one's own life is important to achieving milestones and becoming wealthy, healthy and happy.

Self confidence is essential to success and growth in an individual. When you become successful and gain experience there is also a sense of power in being able to accomplish and knowing what works and what doesn't every time. People also find that self esteem is high and personality is a strong one, allowing these individuals to exert their opinion, will and decisions in a way where performance is optimum.


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    • Cici2hip4u profile image

      Cici2hip4u 6 years ago from United States of America

      Great Hub! Always write a hub that means something to someone! I wrote a hub kind of related to this hub of yours.