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Neck Exercises

Updated on January 6, 2018
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My neck was very stiff without much movement from side to side. After 6 months of these exercises, I can freely move my neck with no pain.

Does Exercising The Neck Help?

Yes it certainly does. I can vouch for them.

As I was going through therapy for my shoulder, the doctor said that my neck had very little movement side to side. In fact he told me that if I didn't do something about it, I might lose all movement in the near future. He was very concerned that I was driving and couldn't move my head to see traffic off to the side.

They began stretching me on a machine each visit and gave me some exercises to do that would loosen up the muscles.

I began to feel more movement, but then my visits ended. I was at a loss about what to do. I had shoulder exercises that would make my shoulders better, but my neck still needed lots of work.

I did tons and tons of research, started a program of my own and in a year, I had very good movement. I continue to do my exercises 5 days a week and everything is better. My neck is no longer sore, my head doesn't droop and I have good movement side to side.

I want to share my program with you in hopes that you will also see vast improvement in your movement and pain.

Take Good Care Of Your Neck

Necks look good when exercised correctly
Necks look good when exercised correctly | Source

A little effort goes a long way

If you stretch each day and do a few neck exercises, your overall ability to move will improve and neck pain will diminish.

Always Warm Up First

When doing any form of exercise, you should always do some warm up exercises. If you don't, you run the risk of tearing or straining a muscle. That is why all sports teams spend up to an hour warming up before any contest or practice session. I have learned over time that my body is very stiff and requires a lot of warming up.

Here is what I do to get my neck muscles warmed up so I can continue with my neck exercises. Without this warm up, my muscles strain and I can't get a good workout.

Sitting upright, with good posture, in a chair:

1. Slowly turn my head from left to right and back 5 times. Don't strain, just turn to the point where it gets hard to move.

2. Starting with my chin down toward my chest, move my head up an back then back down 5 times. Don't strain.

3. With my head in a neutral position looking forward, I angle my head to the upper left then down to the lower right then back to neutral. Do this 5 times.

4. Same as in number 3, except go to upper right then lower left. 5 times.

5. With my head level looking to the left, I do an upper half moon circle to the right then back again. Do Not do a complete circle, only half. 5 times

6. With my head level looking to the left, I do a lower half moon circle to the right and then back again. Only half a circle not a complete circle. 5 times

This should be enough warm up, if not repeat the six exercises.

Here Are Some Other Warm Up Exercises

After Warming Up, Do Neck Exercises

Now that you are warmed up let's do the neck strengthening exercises.

Still sitting in your chair:

  1. With head in neutral position look to the left until you feel that you can't look any farther, then try to go a little further. Continue to try and move further to the left and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  2. Same as exercise 1, but do it to the right.
  3. With your head in an upright position, try to move your left ear to your left shoulder. Continue to try and move toward the shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  4. Same as exercise 3, but do it to the right.
  5. Same as exercise 1, but use your right hand to push the head farther left. Be gentle but continue to push as you relax your neck. Do this for 10 seconds, 5 times.
  6. Same as exercise 5, but to the right using your left hand.

What others have to say

Treat Your Own Neck 5th Ed (803-5)
Treat Your Own Neck 5th Ed (803-5)

Once you start to get your neck into shape you may want to try some exercises that other people are doing. This book gives you the information you need to try new things.


Who Does Neck Exercises?

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More After Warm Up Neck Exercises

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising The Neck

Doing Exercises
Not Doing Exercises
Doing Sometimes
No more sore neck
Sore neck
Some relief
Not flexible
A little flexible
Better posture
Droopy head
A little better posture
If your neck hurts, you have bad posture and you have a hard time looking to either side, you need to do neck exercises.

Your Neck Looks Better When Exercised

Skinny necks could cause neck pain
Skinny necks could cause neck pain | Source

Eat Anti-inflamatory Foods

One thing a lot of people neglect is the type of food they eat. Not just the type of food, but also the amount of food they consume during the day.

In today's society it is the norm to eat fast food, processed food and restaurant food. Basically, this type of eating is contrary to the needs of our bodies.

If you have any kind of ailment, those foods could cause more pain and more inflammation. If you have a great deal of inflammation in your body your joints will hurt, you will find it hard to continue to do the things you normally do and you most likely will gain weight.

By doing most of your own cooking you can eliminate many of the foods that are harmful to you and you can include many more of the most beneficial foods, such as vegetables.

If you eat less processed foods like white bread and most breakfast cereals,you will be off to a good start. Basically anything that comes in a box is a processed food.

Cutting our all fast food can bring great benefits by eliminating inflammation.

By watching what you eat and doing your neck exercises on a daily basis, you will soon notice much greater flexibility and less soreness.

To Sum It All Up

Keep in mind these important points about doing neck exercises

  • Always warm up first
  • Don't strain your muscles
  • Try to do your exercises at least 5 times a week
  • If you get sore, try heat or massage on the sore point
  • Neck exercises can only be beneficial if you do them
  • Eat correctly to eliminate inflammation in your body

Please give your ideas and opinions about neck exercises

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