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Guided Imagery Designed for Cancer Patients

Updated on December 1, 2012

Clearing Cancer with Guided Meditation

The mind-body component is a crucial part of the path to recovery in serious illness, and guided imagery has been used as part of cancer treatment for decades.
The mind-body component is a crucial part of the path to recovery in serious illness, and guided imagery has been used as part of cancer treatment for decades. | Source

Holistic Approach to Treating Cancer

Having an illness like cancer is nothing short of terrifying, to say the least. Nevertheless, cancer is not always terminal. If detected early enough, there are non-surgical methods to stop it from growing into a death sentence. Besides chemotherapy and radiation treatments, a more holistic approach proves itself as a great aid when coupled with the other treatments available. One of these is guided imagery or guided meditation, specifically designed for the cancer patient.

Knowing the aspect of healing that every cancer survivor has gone through has helped developed this particular type of treatment aid. The aspects are the treatment preparation, clearing of cancer from the cells and the emotional support for the process of healing. Just surviving a cold is stressful enough both physically and mentally for the average person. Think of the emotional roller coaster one would go on with any diagnosed form of cancer. The design of guided imagery for the patient is to get an emotional handle, so to speak, on their condition. This is because the affect of the other treatments additionally depends on the psychological attitude of the patient.

The Desire to Win the Battle

Guided imagery enables the individual to picture the infected cells and to visualize changing the condition of the cancerous cell by chasing the cancer out. In this aspect, the individual declares war on those cells affecting their health. By doing so, it gives them a powerful look inside their own desire to survive the disease. Their guide takes them to see the control in their hands that will eliminate the cancerous cells from their bodies. At every turn on this guided path, they confront this winning scenario by defeating the internal enemy thus becoming triumphant in the end. This kind of imagery builds confidence for the next step that takes emotional control to navigate.

The second aspect is the preparation to accept the treatment that taxes the body both physically and psychologically. The guided imagery in this step paints the picture of the body opening up to the treatment like the clouds open up for the sun after a summer’s rain. This sets the subconscious mind up to allow the body to heal using the radiation and the chemotherapy. The imagery implanted into the subconscious mind builds the emotional strength to control any manifestation of weakness.

Nurturing the Inward Emotional Strength

It takes a strong will and emotional fortitude to combat any illness especially any form of cancer. Therefore, with the right mental attitude and proper care from a physician a cancer patient has a higher survivability than those who let the healing process overwhelm them from the beginning. With the last part in place the individual, through the aid of a guide, will regain the power taken by the anger, sadness and fear that try to chip away at the strength and will to survive. Emotional strength will beat down many enemies including those inside our minds and hearts and the beast called cancer.

Healing With Love


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