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The Benefit of Chewing Gum

Updated on February 28, 2011

 Remember when your teacher tells you “Don’t chew gum in class?” Forget about what he/she said. Chewing gum is beneficial to our health. If your teacher let you chew gum in class, I bet he/she would be happy to have a smart student like you. The act of chewing gum speeds up the heartbeat and blood pressure. It accesses your concentration and memory. See? Isn’t it wonderful how chewing gum stimulates your brain cells. Next time you see your teacher, tell him/her that. Another good thing about chewing gum is loosening your jaw. Hm…? When you have a tight jaw, the best way to loosen it up, is chewing gum! How nice of that. The jaw muscle will have a work out and it builds muscle on both the jaw and the face. Somehow digestion and the teeth are linked together. Try to chew gum before or after a meal, you would digest faster. Usually children and young adults have better digestion. When you chew gum, it creates more saliva, and this saliva builds acid in the stomach that helps digest food faster. Meanwhile, the stimulation of the production of saliva helps wash away the acid produced by bacteria in plaque. This acid is responsible for dental decay and bad breath. Now, you see the marvelous of chewing gum? 


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