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H1N1 Am I getting the shot?

Updated on October 31, 2009

H1N1 Am I getting the shot?

H1N1 Am I getting the shot? Well of course what is on the minds of most people is the H1N1 flu shot. People are wondering about the risks of the shot. I have talked to several people who have decided not to get the shot. It’s the same as before most people were afraid to get the vaccine when they first came out. Or in the past have had an allergic reaction to the shot. I’m also aware of someone who seemed to get the H1N1 flu from getting the shot.

Why get the shot?

Well the ultimate goal is to protect you from the H1N1 flu. The shot is described to be made of inactivated or dead virus cells which increase the immunity to your body. What I have noted from several articles and radio broadcasts is they state the vaccine should be 90% Effective. Anyone can get the shot and recommend people with compromised immune systems to get the shot. The side effects are fever, aches and tenderness near the injection site.

Washing your hands.
Washing your hands.

Recomendations if not getting the shot!

Well like anything practice personal hygiene and basic steps to prevent the spread of the H1N1 or any kind of virus.

1. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, try sneezing into your arm if you have too and wash your hands as soon as possible after sneezing into them.

2. Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap and also use alcohol based sanitizer as well.

3. Don’t share personal items like toothbrushes and towel or eating utensils

4. Clean surfaces like tables and benches with soap and water.

5. Avoid close contact with people especially when you are not feeling well.


Am I getting the shot?

I have listened to radio broadcasts and read news papers. Several people that I have talked to either don’t know or are not getting the shot because of the side effects, that it’s not been tested long enough and have heard stories of the shot making people sick. Personally I have never gotten the flu shot basically out laziness to visit the doctor. So this year I won’t be rolling up my sleeve to get the shot. Going to continue to go on with the things I’m doing and of course practice proper hygiene.

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      Philno 8 years ago

      Ya I agree not getting the shot