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Updated on December 14, 2009

We lived in the world of competition seeking comfort and prosperity we once dream of having in our life. Some of them succeeded but many of us failed. The hope of seeking a bountiful harvest was very discouraging and frustrating. The promises of good fortune was elusive instead a painful experience kept on bothering us most of the time. Our faith were being challenged while our hope shattered. We asked ourselves, "can we still survive?"

As we began to understand the mechanics of life and the meaning when we were still in our early age, the hope of our parents reverberated in the four walls of our house, how they expressed their concern hearing their voices and their expectation of giving us the necessary comfort in living. They had high hopes that all is well in just a matter of time.

Poverty was the reason why we are in the verge of frustration. The absence of good living opportunities brought us in desperation. Our faith were being tested to the fullest.

We understand that living without faith is useless. Faith is the foundation of our existence. It is the cornerstone that we are always expecting of having with hope and promises. Faith drive us to do something necessary because we believed in our qualities. Every move we make was under the direction of our faith giving us strength and courage. Our lives had been bothered for quite a while by so many challenges, frustration and test of faith.

We became desperate in handling our problems but faith give us the opportunity to go on living despite the hardship in life, expecting and hoping that something will happen unexpected in our favor. We have faith in GOD seeking fulfillment of our unanswered prayers. It became a test of strength.

See those individual along the street whose life been tested by their faith. Their life were hanging in the balance but their faces can still afford to smile and contented of whatever they have in a moment.

The direction of our life depend on how we can manage our weaknesses. Even a person with a handicapped situation understand that not everything in the world is always in flying colors. There was always ups and downs that we have to faced unless we have all the good things in life.

A man in the last stages of his life sometimes wondered why he was still given a second chance for an extended life despite of his health condition. It was because of his strong faith in hoping to live more. Miracles sometimes happen without us knowing of its presence because in our heart faith was as strong as steel that can never be destroyed easily even in the test of time. It was always there, defending, struggling and comforting against weaknesses of the heart. It build up strength to resist any temptation to give up.

There were people who easily give up when they felt hopeless. They can no longer hold on to the the problem they faced. They blamed others of their misfortune when they were asking for help but receive none. Sometimes dark emotion were building in their heart beyond the power of reason.

If it happens to you, can you still hold on to what you believe? Does your belief is as strong as steel? Can you not easily give up even for a simple problem you faced? Can you ask God for direction? If you can do this then you have a strong faith building inside you. It will not leave you defenseless instead it gives you great courage and better opportunities to face all this difficulties in your life with good wisdom.


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    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Lovely Hub. "Without faith, it is impossible to please God". But it ain't easy when problems don't seem to be shifting even though you are praying, reading the bible and going to church.


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