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Updated on December 15, 2009

Do you know that there are some alternative remedies in your home helpful in minor application? Most of the time we are dependent of the modern medicine even if we only have minor burn, cuts, colds and simple itch without knowing that there are remedies that can be found right in your own house.

The trend of today about the importance of herbal plants given much attention and recognition through intensive research focusing and investigating the healing properties of the plants. Most of the medicine today were made synthetically. There were some companies that started their production by extracting oils, ointments, extracts from raw materials taken from plants.

The cost of synthetic medicines go up enormously. Some of us can no longer afford every time we have a health problem even a minor one. Although we cannot totally replace this kind of medication but using alternative medicine as other form of application is also helpful.

Onion can aid in sleep and digestion. Garlic is good for sprains and hypertension. Ginger (sweet inducing) is good for colds and flu. Cloves is an antiseptic and anesthetic.

Cinnamon is for nausea, diarrhea and colic. Celery for rheumatism. Cayenne can stop bleeding and infection. Good for sores, ulcers and cuts.

Basil is for stomach complaints, cramps, vomiting and nervous disorders. Olive oil for skin inflammation and help kidney and bladder problem. Coconut oil alleviate dryness of the skin, itching and flaking.

Although there are no concrete evidence yet in the ongoing research and actual trial but all these alternative medicines were being used by our forefathers before the advent of the modern medicine. Many testimonies from users can support its effectiveness. Most of the people living in the mountains or in a distant place far from the city where modern medicines can not easily be obtain. They were dependent by using herbal medicines proven to their effectiveness. It saved a lot of people.

There were now some alternative medicines sold in the market already undergone thorough research, trials and permission to use. Additional herbal medicines were in the process of confirming their potable advantage. Many pharmaceuticals of today who invested so much in modern medicines were now starting looking for other types of medicines coming from plants to reduce their cost in intensive research and promotion. They realized that the effect to the body were the same. The demand of herbal medicines from users were increasing tremendously over the years. It help them a lot especially to those that cannot afford to buy a proper medication to their health condition.

There are many other plants that has untapped potential to solve our minor health problem. It only need little time for its preparation and application. A temporary solution but it can help us stretch our budget instead of buying modern medicine.


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    • Brenda Massey profile image

      Brenda Massey 8 years ago

      Interesting information on herbal remedies.