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The Timeline of HIV

Updated on February 6, 2012


  • 1981 AIDS was first identified in the US
  • 1982 GRID -- Gay Related Immune Deficiency--an
  • unusual syndrome caused by a virus
  • 1983 Retrovirus
  • 1984 HIV Testing Began
  • 1984 US commits money to AIDS Non-for-profit organizations
  • 1985 FDA approves Wester blot antibody test
  • 1985 Condoms commercialized as prevention for AIDS
  • 1985 Rock Hudson dies of AIDS
  • 1985 First HIV - AIDS discrimation takes place with Ryan White
  • being barred from school
  • 1986 WHO
  • World Health Organization first task force to offer clean
  • syringes to IV drug users as a prevention measure
  • 1987 AZT the first treatment approved by FDA for AIDS
  • ACT UP - the first AIDS coalition organized in New York City
  • 36,000 Americans diagnosed with AIDS
  • Former President Ronald Reagan addresses the AIDS epidemic after being
  • in office for 6 years
  • 1988 Surgeon General Everett Koop spearheads the
  • 1st AIDS Ed. campaign
  • 1989 National Commission on AIDS formed by Congress

Immunity And You

It's all in the immune system.
It's all in the immune system.

HIV & The 90's

  • 1990 Ryan White CARE Act passed by Congress to help HIV and AIDS patients with little or no health care.
  • First HIV/AIDS Conference established under the Clinton Administration
  • Congress prohibits discrimination again people with HIV/AIDS
  • 1991 Magic Johnson announces he is HIV+
  • Red Ribbon established as the AIDS symbol
  • 1992 Arthur Ashe announces he has AIDS
  • FDA begins clincial trials for AIDS patients
  • 1993 Rudolf Nureyev Russian ballet star and Arthur Ashe pass away of AIDS
  • Female condom approved
  • First reports of drug resist antiretroviral meds to HIV
  • 1994 AIDS rising death rates of Americans 25-44
  • First HIV saliva test approved
  • 1995 Rap artist Eric Wright (Easy-Z) dies of AIDS
  • 1996 Viramune, Norvir, Crixivan become approved by FDA for HIV treatment
  • 1997 Combivir, is approved by FDA
  • 1998 First HIV vaccine study conducted
  • 1999 33 million world-wide living with AIDS
  • Viramune found to be effective in treating HIV


AIDS In 2000 And Beyond

  • 2000Three quarter million people living with HIV
  • 2001HIV/AIDS leading cause of death
  • Pharmaceutical companies offer to manufacture generic forms of HIV meds
  • Bush donates $200 million to Global AIDS Fund
  • 2002 Bush Administration removes condom fact sheets
  • FDA approves a new way to test for HIV/rapid testing in 20 minutes
  • 2003 Fuzeon and three other drugs approved for advance stages of AIDS patient
  • first needle injected med
  • Abott Labs increases Norvir's price by almost 400%
  • 2004 $49 million given to 142 CDC for HIV prevention ED
  • 2005 NYC gives press release on super strain of HIV
  • Harm Reduction hold its first conference in Utah
  • 2006 Truvada and other drugs are FDA approved
  • 2007 Campaign to end AIDS
  • 2008 Atripela hits the market as the once a day dose for HIV
  • 2009 Still no cure for HIV

Rudolf Nureyev

Terms To Understand

 Macrophages - The scavenger of the immune system due to their ability to ingest pathogens.

CD4 - T Helpher cells - These cells send chemical messages throughout the immune cells to give them their assigments to do their job.

B Cells - Their job is to make antibodies that are programmed to produce a speciffic antibody for each type of antigen.

Antigen - A protein recognized as a foreign matter in the body.

Pathogen - A germ that can make you ill if you have HIV or not.

CD8T Cell - The suppressor cells

Arthur Ashe & AIDS

Arthur Ashe In Motion
Arthur Ashe In Motion

Stages of HIV

  1. Virus Transmission
  2. Initial infection
  3. Antibody production
  4. Asymptomatic a person without symptoms
  5. Symptomatic/with symptoms
  6. AIDS CD4 cells fall below 200
  7. Under 50 CD4 cells Advanced stages of AIDS 

Your Immune System

The Center for Disease Control defines AIDS by CD4 T-cells that are less than 200. The best way to still health if you have tested positive for HIV is to take your meds. Execise builds and strengthens the immune system along with a proper nutritional diet.

HIV Transmission

 HIV can not be transmitted from french kissing, shaking hands or from a toilet seat.  Some still fear one can be infected by using public bathrooms behind someone who has HIV this is not true.



Honesty is always the best policy.   If you are HIV+ and have began to date someone, and you know the individual may be interested in a long-term relationship.  You owe it to yourself as a human being, and you have a responsibility to tell your friend about your status. 

HIV & Pregancy

In the early 80's and 90's when a female became pregnant who was positive it was a given that the baby would be positive as well.  Researchers, and physicians have come a long way this is no longer true.  With proper medical attention a position mother can deliver a HIV negative baby.


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