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Updated on June 23, 2014

Training & Repairs

Volunteers give up much of their time in training.
Volunteers give up much of their time in training.
Water rescue training.
Water rescue training.
Vehicle Maintenance.
Vehicle Maintenance.

It's Not Just About Fighting Fires

Like the waiter or waitress in a restaurant, all one sees is the finished product when it's placed in front of them. They don't see them coming in early and preparing the items that go on the plates or getting the kitchen/work station ready to make sure you get the quickest and best service.

A firefighter cannot just get on a truck and put out a fire, it requires many hours of training to make sure that they don't injure those that require rescuing, themselves or the equipment. While the waitstaff get minimal pay and require tips to meet minimum wage levels; the firefighter gets no pay at all. A firefighter does it for the calling. Giving of themselves and reaping no financial rewards. Their reward is your safety and well being.

A firefighter cannot fight a fire if the equipment doesn't work. Some work may be minimal and can be done by the firefighters, but much of it needs to go out for repairs which can be costly. Everytime a truck goes out, there is a possibility that it will need repairs of some sort. If the money isn't there, these vehicles can't be fixed and they can't work. Yet, a volunteer firefighter will not let their community down and will usually find some way to get aide where it is needed.

Applewhite Rd fire--Airlife flew over the area to feed back information to volunteers on the ground.
Applewhite Rd fire--Airlife flew over the area to feed back information to volunteers on the ground.
Applewhite Rd. fire.
Applewhite Rd. fire.
Big Oak fire. Took several homes and vehicles.
Big Oak fire. Took several homes and vehicles.

Texas Under Extreme Wildfire Danger Warning

The volunteer firefighters know to well about the dangers of wildfires. The Ata-Bexar, Sandy Oaks and South BexarVFD's worked tirelessly to fight the fires brought on in Southern Bexar County almost daily. In 2012, the area was hit with at least 3 major fires that left these firefighters exhausted, but yet continued to answer the call when it comes.

Members of any community that relies on the volunteer firefighter for their safety should take the warnings seriously. Don't endanger your safety and that of your property or the life of the volunteer firefighter because you chose to work outside the law of safety. Don't start a fire--it's way to dry for it and it's against the law.

  • For the smoker---don't throw your cigarette outside the window. Keep a water bottle with just a bit of water in the bottom and use it as an ashtray without the odor.
  • For those that want to BBQ- avoid a huge flame--use a gas grill, put your pit on a concrete slab and keep a hose handy.
  • If you have brush--get it hauled off, mulch it, but please don't burn it---we will get some rain again and then you can burn it.
  • If you have trash--definitely don't burn it. Take it to the dump. Pay for a dumpster. In the long run---about $80 is all it will cost and it's a lot less than a fine for burning or having to cover the damages that you cause.
  • If you have tires--don't burn them---IT'S ILLEGAL. and it's a fire and health hazard.

These are a few simple things that you can do to make your life and that of the volunteer firefighter a little simpler.

Honor the volunteer firefighter--don't abuse them. The next time you see one say "thank you". They deserve at least that much.

Do you honor your Volunteer Fire Fighter?

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  • profile image

    JJS 6 years ago

    Just a thought for anyone out there that wants to say a special thank you to our fire fighters. When you're at the grocery store, how 'bout picking up extra cases of water or other drinks and some snacks, and then deliver them to your fire station. Our fire fighters need to stay hydrated and to keep their energy levels up with healthy snacks. And it's hard for them to even keep fuel in the trucks let alone keep water, sodas, coffee and gatorade on ice. Let's help them out, whadda you say.

  • TrueWickless profile image

    TrueWickless 6 years ago from Houston, TX

    I cannot begin to agree more. Volunteers are always needed, and in some places we are short of them. With me, they are always appreciated!

    I'm a Scentsy consultant by the way. We are much safer than traditional candles, so we give the fire department and volunteers a break:)