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Updated on July 9, 2011
be caring to the sick
be caring to the sick


If you are too wealthy or big to visit people in sick bed, you should as well be too big to fall sick or contact infection. And if you are always overwhelmed to see sick people in hospital; you should also be overwhelmed to see healthy people around you.

Visiting sick strangers in the hospital should be as important as spending time with or visiting healthy family members, friends and colleagues. So don’t make it a priority to visit sick people in the hospital only when your loved one falls sick, because some sick people in the hospital bed today, have nobody to visit them or to encourage their faith of getting well again; your visit might help such people to get hope back.

Are you aware that some patients in the hospital bed have lost all their family members? Either as a result of accident or a natural disaster, please go out there and give them hope, reassure them of people’s love and care over their well being.

Death, sickness or disaster is a respecter of nobody, rich or poor. Most people you see with one ailment or the other were once as healthy as you and I today; majority inherited their condition out of life uncertainties: Earthquake in New Zealand, Tsunami, Typhoon, Flood, etc.

You have no reason or reasons for not visiting those in hospital sick bed, because anyone can be a victim tomorrow. Above all, your being healthy today is not necessarily as a result of your smartness, cautiousness or healthy lifestyle, but a grace given to you by God or nature (if that’s your belief).

Haven’t you seen professional medical doctors giving up the ghost while their seriously ill patients stayed alive or have you not seen wealthy philanthropists suffering multiple illnesses and their wealth couldn’t save them? Should I list national leaders who abandoned their leadership positions to join others in the grave out of sickness?

Just like I said earlier, don’t make it a priority to visit the sick only when your loved one falls sick. Your visit to a hospital today might help one sick person to recover quicker than expected, what are you waiting for?

Remember, you don’t need the whole world to make a hospital visitation, you may or may not go with something, depending on your income and budget, just go.

Let me share a story with you. One day, a man’s only son fell ill, and he rushed him to the hospital, as the doctors were busy attending to his son at the emergency ward, he decided to stroll out to relax his state of mind, along the hallway, he saw a lady carrying a boy of the same age bracket with his son, the lady was crying and holding a nurse on the apron, the man passed by and was moved to look back after walking a distance, so he noticed that the nurse has abandoned the lady and her baby lying on the floor, so he decided to go back and inquire what the problem was. On reaching there, he asked the lady what the problem was, she told him it was her little baby who needed 6 pints of blood, and her money was only able to purchase 3 pints, out of sympathy, the man deep his hand into his pocket and gave the lady more than enough money to pay for the remaining pints.

Two day later, the man brought his son back to the hospital for checkup, and a lady ran to him kneeling down and thanking him for saving the life of her child. Tears trickled down his eyes, as he thought in his heart, what if I had not visited the hospital that day, so this innocent boy would have been dead by now? Please if you have not registered for free blood donor, do it today and save lives.

This is why you must include hospital visitations to your monthly appointments; you might be the next to save another dying soul.


1.       Pick a free date in each month (weekend are better for me)

2.       Check your most comfortable time (I prefer mid-days or evenings)

3.       Programme your new schedule on your monthly task reminder (it is better you programme the alarm 4 hours before the appointment time)


This is not mandatory, it depends on your income and budget, but remember that the most important thing is your time and presence, but if you have made up your mind to go with something, you must figure out the type of patients you intend to visit: pediatrics, mental, expectant mothers, surgical, diabetic, ulcer or HIV patients, etc. but in all, you may go with the following:

1.       Fruits

2.       Healthy toys (for children or mental patients)

3.       Health pamphlets and novels

4.       Religious pamphlets or books

5.       Flowers, etc

give a sick person a flower
give a sick person a flower

Have You Ever Visited A Sick Person In Hospital Before Aside Your Loved Ones?

See results


For any reason or reasons, you may need a hand glove, nose cover, etc. encourage the patient with inspiring words, you can quote religious quotes if you can, reassure the person of people’s love and concern over his health condition and let him know that it is not only his fault that put him into his present health condition, and then ask him about the hospital’s welfare towards him, then share your gift or gifts (if any) and proceed to the next patient or ward.

By doing this, you are simply telling God that you are thankful to Him for giving you good health, and He will continue to beautify your life the more. I therefore use this as an opportunity to encourage everyone reading this article to please make it a task to pay visitations to those in the hospital sick bed. Stay blessed as you do.


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