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How to Break Fast Food & Junk Food Habits !!

Updated on December 18, 2013

Yummy Junk Food


How I Got Addicted to Fast Foods!

With relative ease Fast Foods can get you addicted owing to its spicy ingredients. I too, like everyone, got habituated with fast foods like chips, burgers etc. while enjoying with friends, children, family and of course television. Television and games can get you really in it as one doesn’t realize what’s going into the stomach at this time and fast foods help you save time by filling up your stomach fast. The more I spent time with all of them, the more I felt like eating this unhealthy food.

Fast Foods


Problems of Fast Foods

In the beginning it was good and I enjoyed every bit of it. This constant habit of picking up fast foods whenever I got hungry got me in the thick at the age of 25 and this is when I realized that I got Gastroenteritis, a disorder which made me feel uneasy and my stomach started to bloat and I got burps. Although I didn’t know what the reason was, I realized every time I had potato chips, fried stuff etc, I got a burning sensation down my throat and up to my stomach. I could not eat anything even with a little spice. To defeat this sensation I would need to take in a sip of water after every morsel that went inside. Thus neither would the fast food benefit me nor did the good stuff, as in the process I drank more water than I took anything healthy to eat. The situation became more serious whenever I ate any of the fast foods.

Fast Food Proven Addictive as Drugs. Watch this Now!

How to Avoid Eating Fast Foods

Eventually I started analyzing the entire food intake. Every time I ate something, I checked whether the food had anything to do with the burning sensation, Gastroenteritis or burps. None of the antacids actually worked in the long term. Our body is the best doctor and I took heed of this. Every time I ate something I listened to my inner voice who warned me of the food after the first intake of each item. If my body said this is not good, I stopped eating that food. After some time I understood that my inner voice was actually guiding me in avoiding all the fast foods that I relished so much.

I have heeded to what my body signals and now I enjoy all the food that I want to eat, of course, no more fast foods.

What Should You Do to Avoid Fast Foods!

  1. Do not over eat.
  2. Keep a balance in diets.
  3. When you take fast foods, drink a lot of water and not aerated drinks.
  4. Listen to your body signals. If you find any fast food that your body signals should not be taken, stop taking it immediately.

Fast foods as JUNK foods as they are better off in a junkyard. Once fast foods are off for just a few weeks, you will be amazed how your body no longer craves it. It will even save you a lot of money.

At this time, one of my friends introduced me to a Homeopath doctor. Just like Allopathy or the modern medicine, Homeopathy is another field of medicine and largely prevalent in India. A single dose of this medicine turned the tables for me and no

Fast food is getting indispensable for most of us. Its taste, aroma and craving is getting everyone hooked. Yet the benefits are not. It could give you immense displeasure in time to come. Time we understood its effects and took remedial action now.

Yogic Balance to Control Diets


Fast Foods Indigestion Remedies!

Well, since fast foods are fast, fried and normally a bit spicy, they tend to give birth to indestive features such as gastroenteritis, ulcers, body fat etc.

Medical problems like gastroenteritis, ulcers can be solved easily by Homeopathy - a medical science which is highly relied on in India. Small doses can create miracles and the best part is that unlike modern medicines, this removes the problem from the roots although it is a bit time taking.

Similarly in India, we practice Ayurveda, which is a practice of medicines from plants and roots. It's quite similar to the home remedies that we apply.

Another practice is of practicing Yoga regularly. Yoga is an exercise which helps create balance between all the internal organs and external factors affecting our systems. Yoga also helps identify and clear toxins within the body. Yoga helps one regain inner as well as outer energy.

It Pays to Foresee!!

Our body is like a huge lake, where people would dump stuff, clear their throats, surf motor boats and perform different activities which ultimately pollute the entire lake and no one likes to go near it. It smells, water gets murky, diseases breed and no one is able to use it till someone does proper cleaning of the same. Similarly, fasts foods also act as pollutants in the body and the more we eat, the more we are likely to contract diseases which we have never apprehended before. It is important that these be avoided and since these foods are look so palatable, it is very important to exercise utmost caution before falling prey to them. Someone wise did say...Prevention is better than cure and I do not say that completely leave it, but keep necessary restraint to avoid any future problems.

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