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Updated on December 15, 2009

Farmers and planters can not have a good food harvest without the use of pesticides. Large fruit orchards and banana plantations were relying in the use of pesticides for the protection of their crop. In an ordinary gardener, to have a good quality vegetables can be assured by the use of pesticides. All of us are dependent on this chemicals. Any chemicals we used were deadly if not handled properly.

There are many kinds of chemicals. Its application was based on the urgency of its treatment and the kind of disease the plants has at the moment. Each chemicals has specific purpose. There are chemicals intended for bacteria, fungus, nematode, insects, etc. Do not mix any of this chemicals in one setting. It is very dangerous if it can produce lethal reaction if exposed to our skin and nose.

As it is important in our food production, we have to follow the proper guidelines for our protection from the hazard of exposure.

Do the mixing of water and chemicals enough for your use in one measure. Left-over solution should be dispose immediately and should not be retained longer. Find a better place to put the unused mixture away from anybody and safe to others. Don't pour it in your kitchen sink. When you do the mixing, wear mask until the mixing is done.

It is not advisable to do the spraying in windy condition. When spraying, do not spray when the wind is facing you. Spray the chemicals when the wind is at your back and not in front. This is to avoid direct exposure to the chemicals. When you do the spraying, use thick cloth mask to protect you from the mist that may enter in your nose, especially if the wind is coming towards you. Wear mask during the duration of your spraying activity.

Control your breath when you begin spraying. When you feel pain in your eyes due to its mist, wash it immediately with water for a few minutes. Be sure that extra water is available near you for emergency use.

Never wash your sprayer in the creek or river. It is very dangerous for the residents living there.

Hot water and soap detergent is a good neutralizer for the toxicity of the chemicals. Use it to wash the sprayer. If you have empty bottles of the chemicals in your position, better dispose it by making a hole underground wrap it with thick cellophane and seal it.

For the protection of your children, avoid storing chemicals in your house. Better to placed it to an area away from your house. If you have a shade in your farm, place it in the upper portion under the ceiling.

Eat your meals first before you do the mixing or spraying for your safety. Cover all the kitchen utensils, plates, glass and other related items from the kitchen away from your mixing area.

Follow this useful tips for your protection.


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