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Asking for Guidance From the Higher Realms

Updated on September 26, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

Asking for help from the Higher Realms

Further channellings from the Higher Beings that I have contact with. This is the time, the time is NOW. I am responding to feelings within my higher self that everything I have been given is required to become public now. This information below was given to me as part of a larger piece that is not in either of the channelled books which are available to the public.

There is a plan of action for us with some rules which can never be broken, we would never attempt to break these laws for they are written in the blood of our forefathers and the blood of your own human races. It is against the laws of the cosmos to be attempting to raise others up into the more heavenly realms when they are not asking for assistance. We only need the tiniest of askings for our spirit to be with you and helping you. You have not realised yet how small these askings would need to be to be answered. We can become one with you when you raise one tiny spurt of your energy towards our realm, it is then upto you to carry on receiving from us and to indulge in our energy fields which we are able to enfold you in. Be kind to yourselves and realise that without us you will not be able to complete your passage to be within the Universal Energy Continuum.

We will be saving you from yourselves for you have almost abandoned your real selves for these other frames of reference. The frame of reference we are talking about is your older more pragmatic role in the more physical planes of these earthly grounds. You have all been here many times before and have grown used to this earthly body and its ways. You have also become very much entrenched within the earthly mindset. This has been the downfall of many of you - your mental approach to your existence. It will not assist you to grow, it can only go around and around in meandering circles. Your minds have become very much atrophied with your lives on this planet. This time that is upon you now is the enlightening stage of the performance. It will be now or never. We have said similar words to you before but now they are upon you, you are up to your waists in atrophied rubbish. It is not only within your minds, it is upon your bodies, it is in your houses and on your doorstep.

Every region of the planet earth has been atrophied in some manner. We are here for the clean-up operation. We will be present with you until the end and the beginning. For the two will be together forming a grand finale. This grand finale is one not to be missed. You will know everything that you have ever needed to know when we bring down the final curtains of illusion.

These illusionary fields have been well protected, they have been fortified many times by the powers that be on your planet Earth. Do not now be afraid when you see clearly in front of you for you are all going to be clear sighted before too long. But for some, fear will set in as they realise that they now have to make their own way through to the next stages of growth. They cannot expect to be taken care of in the way that they have been by an illusory agenda from their guardians.

These so called guardians have not been the proper “guardians” for you  They have been maurauding lunatics most of the time, using their own agendas at every turn to keep control and maintain their own rule banks. These rule banks were ones that were to support their own capitalistic worlds where they faired much better than the normal person in the street. This has ended now, it will become clear to them that this is so over the next year or so. They cannot continue with this sort of control over others. We are here now to assist those who have let go of needing this sort of control over them for there was a two way circuitry playing itself out - those who needed to control and those who needed to be so taken over. We will not be playing any games with you, we are not game players. We have an agenda which is only for the good of all not for the good of those who play games of tyrannical power

ASK AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN...............



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    • anjalichugh profile image


      11 years ago from New York

      Thanks very much for your answer. I feel so much better now. Please keep writing more on this subject. I'll wait for your articles.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, I think you are misunderstanding this hub, this is channelled from higher beings, they are saying that it is wrong for them to "pull us up to a higher level" if not asked. I have read this many times when it has come thru from higher levels, they would be going against our free will which is not allowed. Its not wrong to help people around us if they are asking but I do feel that even for us it is wrong to try and affect peoples growth when they are not asking. The best way is for others to learn through our behaving and vibrating in a higher way. We can offer our information but not make others read it. As we are, so others will resonate with that if they wish. Everyone is at the perfect stage of evolvement for them right now. This is an affirmation which I personalise with someones name if I am getting involved with the idea of where I think someone else is at, it helps.


    • anjalichugh profile image


      11 years ago from New York

      ' It is against the laws of the cosmos to be attempting to raise others up into the more heavenly realms when they are not asking for assistance.'

      Where did you get that from ? I mean what is the source of this statement? I'm only asking this as I want to make sure if I'm on the wrong foot by indulging in the same 'forbidden' practice day in and day out. Is it really wrong to try it with people who don't ask for it? If it is, I better stop doing this right now. I'll wait for your reply. I must say this hub gave me chills. I had to go back to read part-1 as I somehow had missed that out. I'll look forward to part-3 but in the meantime help me getting my answer. 

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina

      I am enjoying following your segmented hubs. Times are changing, it is true an end is only a beginning. I appreciate what you have shared and look forward to the culmination of this series.


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