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Hair Loss - Causes and Treatment

Updated on August 22, 2016

Not so much people seek help from their doctor when encountering hair loss, even if it is a lot easier to stop hair loss than curing baldness, for most cases your hair will regain its thickness if you're taking care properly of. Hair growth is different depending on the person, some will have long hair, others short and the growth time also varies due to genes and climate.
Each and every day, a healthy person can lose about 50 to 100 strands. Washing your hair on a daily basis can cause more hair loss.

You can easily treat hair loss as long as you can spot causative factor. And these factors will change of course :

  • Medication Use or Overuse
  • Hormonal Unbalance
  • Genes
  • Scalp problems
  • Stress
  • Using too much hair products

Here are some tips that can help you improve your hair condition and can even stop hair loss if used properly :

Don't Keep Your Hair Always Wet
You should know that hair will be the weakest when kept wet, strains and damage can be easily done to your scalp and the roots can be damaged in a way or another. Try your best to keep hair dry unless you're stuck in a heavy rain.

Dont Use Shampoo Too Often !
Using your shampoo is used to get rid of excess oils that your hair produces, but not letting your hair produce any oils is bad for your hair as it these oils are important to nourish your hair and scalp. Using shampoo twice or three times a weeks is good but using it everyday is certainly a bad thing and will cause hair loss.

Hair Oil Massage
There's nothing more refreshing for your hair than oil massage. Natural oils are your best friends when it comes to hair care. Just be sure not to use an too much oil else you'll end up shampooing too much to get rid of the excess oil, which will harm your hair.

Choose The Right Brush or Comb
You can never go wrong with a wide tooth comb or brush is. Detangling your strands using this type of comb will be a lot easier, if you don”t own one you have to start thinking about investing in one.

Condition Your Hair After Showering
Using a conditioner can be a lot beneficial to hair,preventing hair breakage and tangling as well as softening your hair. But conditioning your hair after showering is a good way to replace washed hair oils.

Finally, if you're stressed by hair loss or baldness? The only permanent solution possible right now is a hair transplant which is a little bit pricey. Or you can at least hide patchy spots using hair loss powder concealers ! They are great for your hair, and they won't harm your scalp in any way. Most of those products are water resistant and high quality fibers, plus they are very affordable.


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