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Hammer Toe Straightener

Updated on January 29, 2013

Is Surgery the Right Choice For You?

Surgery may be the right choice to correct your hammer toe condition. Only your doctor can tell you that for sure. But there are many people who have successfully corrected their crooked toes by using a non-surgical toe straightener.

Used properly and over time, a toe straightener can help to 'train' your toes to return to their normal position. This device usually involved the use of a pad with one or more elastic loop connected to it. The toes are placed through this elastic loop, and helps to pull the toe downward.

Crooked toes are often a result of wearing tight shoes that compact the toes into a non-natural position. The toe straightening device is designed to reverse that effect.

So What Type of Toe Straightener is Right For You?

There are a number of different brands and models of toe straighteners on the market today. Most of these models are designed to correct a specific condition on a specific foot. So you should check to see if the model you purchase is made for the right foot or the left foot and choose accordingly.

The Single Toe Straightener is designed with a loop to straighten a single toe as the name implies.

A Double Toe Straightener is designed to fix two adjacent toes simultaneously.

There is even a Triple Toe Straightener created to address conditions with three adjacent toes on the same foot.

A Hammer Toe Straightener can help to return a hammer toe to its normal position.

A Bunion Toe Straightener are designed to alleviate the pain that is associated with bunions. The also help to direct the toe forward, which is an action designed to buffer the toe from getting new bunions.

Consult Your Doctor

You should always consult your doctor for any matter that pertains to your health and well being. You doctor can offer you the guidance and recommendations for the proper treatment. That treatment may involve surgery.

If you cannot afford the downtime and recovery time after a toe surgery, then you should consider trying a toe straightener. You can express this interest to your doctor as a potential solution to try prior to surgery.

You should note that a toe straightener is not a quick fix and that the time required to straighten toes naturally can vary depending upon the severity of the condition.

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