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Hangover Remedies {natural}

Updated on January 12, 2016

Why Me?

You wake up; your head is pounding, your mouth is a desert. The minute you sit up you realize you are dizzy and nauseated. You're Hungover! The ethanol in the alcohol has turned the urination button ON, leading to dehydration. The dehydration is responsible for headaches, fatigue and dry mouth. The alcohol irritates the stomach lining, which makes you feel nauseous. You might be thinking, ugh this was so not worth last night. Well, now it's too late to prevent this, but there are some remedies that can make the ride to recovery a little smoother.

*Drink Water

your body is thirsty! Drink plenty of water to re hydrate yourself so the detoxification process can be hurried along. All those toxic wastes need to be flushed out of your system. Careful though, drinking excessive water will only make you feel waterlogged. Drink your body's normal requirement.

*Wasabi Soak

wasabi (a member of the cabbage family) has the power to stimulate blood circulation through the organs and helps to clear out the cells of waste. Infuse into a warm bath and ease your hangover.


I know right? this is the last thing you feel like doing. However, the effects that exercise has on your body will make you feel fantastic; you'll thank yourself later. So, tie up those tennis shoes and get moving. Physical activity will increase circulation which will get blood and oxygen to your oxygen starved brain. A Brisk walk will do wonders for you. But don't forget your sunglasses, as the alcohol may have made you a bit light sensitive!

*Have another of shot!

A shot of wheat grass that is! Wheat grass cleans your bodys blood and water which hydrates and energizes your cells.

Wheat grass:

  • naturally deodorizes
  • enhances wound healing
  • maintains pH balance
  • provides antioxidants and enzymes
  • heals your intestines

Drink a glass at the end of the night (or morning) for a hydrating fix, and in the morning to energize.

*Honey, I love you

Honey contains a natural sugar called fructose, which helps to regulate your body's sugar levels and get them back in tip top shape. Try eating crackers on honey, or make tea with honey. Eat a little at a time throughout the day until you feel better.

*Take your vitamins

Vitamin B is essential for hangover cures! If you can remember, take them at night so they can do their thing while you sleep. However, if you forget take them as soon as you wake up. B vitamens will restore energy. They dilate blood vessels; which help with headaches and aid in the carb metabolizing process. (For this to work you must take 50-75 mg of B-Complex twice.)

*Go Bananas

Bananas are full of potassium which is just what your body needs after a night on the town. It will soothe and calm your stomach. The electrolytes and magnesium will help replenish you. (Banana milkshakes are a great idea if you'd rather drink your nutrients.)

*Try Ginger

Ginger has long been used to treat nausea, and as sure as your hungover you've got nausea. It will soothe that inner lining of your stomach that makes you so sick. I usually eat a few pieces of ginger candy and that does the trick. But if you cant handle straight ginger; try ginger tea or ginger capsules. (CAUTION: Fresh ginger can irritate stomach lining, never take it straight on an empty stomach.)


Lemon juice helps you to retain fluids that are otherwise lost to dehydration. Make tea with lemons or eat some slices if your brave. If your looking for an old folk remedy; cut up lemon slices an rub them on your armpits so excess fluid will remain where it should be.

*Mustard Bath

Mustard will draw those toxins right out of your organs with an invigorating mustard bath. Once your organs are flushed out they will replace themselves with clean blood. You could soak in a warm bath of French's mustard, but i recommend a bath powder. Make your own by pouring 2 Tablespoons into warm running bath water, let steep for 20 minutes

*Eat a Meal

A good meal is vital to curing a hangover. If you don't eat, you will feel worse by the end of the day. Try eggs, toast, hash browns and maybe some coffee. Anything greasy and fatty will help, just don't overdue it.

*Just Say No!

Avoid pain pills! (Example: Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc.)

Liver damage and stomach bleeding... need i say more? Just avoid them completely, as they'll do more harm than good. Tylenol (acetaminophen) mixed with alcohol, is a recipe for disaster not to mention potentially lethal liver damage.

Try something natural for pain relief, such as Valerian root; its healing properties treat spasms and muscle cramps. Kava Kava for tension headaches works well too.


Rest is your body's best friend. Stay in bed and just relax, give your cells plenty of time to repair themselves. This step is the most vital in curing your hangover!


There is no way sure way to prevent a hangover, but there are some steps you can take to avoid the next day doubts:

  • Eat before you drink! Drinking on a full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol to the blood stream, making sure that less alcohol reaches the brain.
  • Try not to mix drinks, stick with one type of alcohol.(ex. if your drinking whiskey, stick with whiskey all night.)
  • Consume raw almonds
  • Drink an electrolyte rich drink. Such as coconut water or a sports drink.
  • Drink in moderation
  • Consume 1 glass of water between each alcoholic beverage


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