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Hangover remedies. Feel better after a night of drinking, and reverse some of the negative effects.

Updated on October 29, 2011

Hangovers. What causes them, and how to beat'em.

As a long time heavy drinker, and someone well educated in how the body works, I feel qualified to give this advice. None of this is intended to replace your health care practitioner's advice, though.

Start at the source- prevention is always best. If you're going to drink "outside" the moderate consumption guidelines, make it "clean" alcohol. Beer and wines are particularly rich in non net-impact carbohydrates, though all alcohol contains sugar. White wine also contains sulfites- another toxin your body doesn't need. Cleaner alcohols are those that have undergone numerous distillation processes and filtering. Many top shelf vodkas are double, triple, even four and five times distilled.

That said, limiting the consumption of extraneous sugars will help. Sweet mixed drinks are a big culprit. Many say (though there is little evidence to substantiate it) that mixing alcohols will cause a hangover. Also, alcohol is a diuretic. Try to remain well hydrated with non alcoholic beverages. The dehydration is part of the causation of the symptoms. Also, a huge factor is the depletion of electrolytes. Sodium and potassium levels must be maintained- as well as replenished. Most of us get enough sodium in our diets.

Potassium: Yep, this will help a lot! Don't buy into the Gatorade hype! Gatorade is nearly bankrupt of potassium, at least in comparison to our daily needs. Milk is very high in potassium, as well as calcium (another electrolytic mineral), as it is also soothing to the stomach. If stomach upset isn't an issue, citrus fruits are very high in potassium, as is LOW SODIUM V8. Drinking clear fluids low in sugar may also help, though water is a sure bet.

DO NOT, under ANY circumstance take Tylenol (or anther acetaminophen) for a hangover!!!! This pain reliever is extremely hepatoxic, and contraindicated for use with heavy alcohol consumption. Barring serious stomach problems or medications that interact with aspirin, aspirin is your best bet.

If you're interested in dietary supplements or even herbs, these are your best bets:

Lecithin- lecithin helps defat the liver, and also has fat mobilization properties.

Milk thistle- Though touted for it's silymarin, milk thistle contains more than one liver cleanser.

Feverfew- feverfew contains salicylic acid. Yeah, code name- aspirin.

Ginger root is extremely soothing to the stomach, and it also reduces prostaglandins (responsible for the pain).

Potassium gluconate. This is the preferred form for supplementation.

Although these seem too simple to be helpful, remember- it was pretty easy to get that hangover. All of this works, and there's scientific evidence, as well as plenty of anectdotal evidence to bolster it's effectiveness.


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 5 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      This hub is getting a lot of traffic lately. It looks like many of you've been tying one on as of late.