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Proven quick hangover cures. Ten top tips on how to get over the effects of too much alcohol this Christmas.

Updated on November 13, 2012

how to get over a hangover

If you look like this when you're drinking -stop!
If you look like this when you're drinking -stop!


Hangovers are a pain, so don't drink too much alcohol this Christmas, or at any time of year, It's bad for you. Well, okay, if you’re reading this that little bit of advice is probably useless and you already have a hangover but it pays to file it away for future reference.

To get over a Christmas hangover quickly the next morning it pays to eat a good meal before drinking and take water with it - lots of water. Keep a bottle of water by the side of your bed, drink some before you nod off and when you wake during the night. If you’ve drunk enough to give you a stinker in the morning bathroom runs are inevitable, I‘m afraid.

Ten hangover cures that actually do seem to work.

(1) Fruit Juice.

The type that works best is freshly squeezed and works because it replaces lost vitamins.
The fruit sugar boosts your energy levels and may help your body get rid of toxins. If you are expecting to have a heavy night buy some the day before and keep it in the fridge because, even if you do own a juicer, the sound of that thing grinding away will do nothing to improve your mood the morning after the night before.

(2) Salt water.

Sounds disgusting and to be fair it tastes disgusting too but it does works. Add no more than half a flat teaspoon of salt to two litres of water, and mix in a couple of heaped spoonfuls of sugar or better still honey, if you like, to offset the bitter taste. You can buy sachets of electrolytes replacing powders but they can be expensive and the homemade version works just as well. I will just say this though the shop bought ones are a little easier to swallow.

Eat one of these to help cure your hangover.

Peeled banana.
Peeled banana.


(3) Eat a banana.

The potassium rich fruit helps and it takes the taste of the salt water away. If you remember and you can face the thought of a banana on top of all that booze have one before you go to bed, it really will help make you feel better when you wake up.

In the morning why not make a banana milkshake, you can sweeten it with honey to help build up your depleted blood sugar levels, the milk will help sooth your upset stomach and help to re-hydrate you too. A word of warning - do not drink a milkshake right after having a glass of fruit juice, the results are often not at all pretty!

(4) B-Complex Vitamins.

No need for pills or fancy vitamin supplements, a nice thick slice of granary or wholemeal bread with a generous helping of marmite should help. The whole grains will help to bring your blood sugar levels back up after they have been depleted by alcohol. Some foods that contain high levels of B-vitamins are brazil nuts, oats, barley and wheat bran so look out for breakfast cereals that contain these or try adding brazil nuts to whatever cereal you have in the cupboard to give it a hangover busting boost.

(5) Isotonic sports drinks.

Isotonic sports drinks contain small particles of carbohydrate and body salts (electrolytes) which means they enhance fluid absorption in the gut faster than water. They can be expensive but most supermarkets carry their own brand which work out quite a bit cheaper and are just as good


(7)Eat an egg.

Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver's easily depleted glutathione. Scrambled eggs on wholemeal or granary toast are perfect, or you could fry a couple of eggs and add them to the bacon sandwich, using wholemeal or granary bread makes it even more effective as a hangover cure.

(8) Go for a walk.

Fresh air and a little sun work wonders, the change of scene might just take your mind off your fuzzy head, furry tongue and wobbly stomach. Walking increases blood and oxygen flow and speeds up your metabolism which will also speed up your recovery from your hangover.

(9)Eat a bacon sandwich.

Drinking alcohol depletes little things called neurotransmitters, you can help bring the levels back up by eating bacon, leaving you with a clearer head. Salami also seems to work quite well, both these cured meats are high in protein which breaks down into amino acids, just what your body need when it is fighting a hangover. Even the smell of bacon cooking can lift your mood, it has something to do with the chemical reaction, making even vegetarians crave a good old bacon sarni.

(10) Go back to bed and sleep it off.

Sorry, but time really is the only true healer of a hangover. Close the blinds, switch off the phone and bury yourself under the covers.



Hair of the dog, drinking even more alcohol in the morning will only make your hangover last longer.

A cup of strong black coffee, caffeine does have a mild painkilling effect but it is also a diuretic, which will make you even more dehydrated and make your hangover worse.


When all is said and done try to remember the old adage - prevention is better than cure. If you really must drink try to stick to a glass or two of white wine. Remember, alcohol is a poison, that’s why it makes you feel so bad after you’ve drunk it. Next time you fancy a drink just ask yourself if you’d drink it if it had a skull and crossbones on the bottle.

Hopefully, if you have followed these ten top tips for curing a hangover then you should by now be feeling better.



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  • profile image

    Jimmy Michaud 4 years ago

    Good post GALAXY 59,

    I also did some research on some topic and made almost the same discoveries as you mention here.

    As you say prevention is better than cure. . But when you're experiencing it, I think, as you mention also, is to sleep it off and drink tons of water.

    I also wrote an article about this article, I would appreciate if you read it and leave me some feedback :)



  • GALAXY 59 profile image

    GALAXY 59 7 years ago from United Kingdom

    Very true, trouble is there are always times when some people will over indulge a little, Christmas, New Year, birthday that kind of thing. So some knowledge on how to get rid of a hangover could come in handy. And my first line does say - Don't drink, it's bad for you.

  • hangover_cure profile image

    hangover_cure 7 years ago

    Nice, but we should be talking prevention, not cure..