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Happiness, Love, and Health

Updated on December 28, 2016

Money can buy happiness, but there is happiness that money cannot buy. Money can buy love, but there is love that money cannot buy. Money can buy health, but there is health that money cannot buy. A happy person is someone who does not demand a lot from life, does not expect a lot from life, and accepts what life offers without a lot of complaint. There is love between a husband and wife, between members of the family, and between friends. They all have one thing in common that feeling of affection is instinctive and from the heart. Without it, the human’s civilization will not last. Without good health, a person will find it difficult to be happy and pass love around. But, over times, we have come up with wonder drugs to keep a person healthy enough to carry on the normal activities.


We are happy when we win the lottery, when we are accepted by the dream college, when we are promoted to the long sought position in the job, when we solve a tough problem, when we marry someone we love, etc. Those happiness never last and wear off after a while. Since happiness lifts our spirit and makes us hopeful for a better future, we never stop the pursuit of happiness. No person will be happy forever as there are always problems that each person has to face and solve in the journey of life. Some people have a happier life as things seem to fall into their directions easily. Some people experience almost no happiness as they have to find way through paths of deceit, violence, and/or painful medical issues. Some people strive to have a positive outlook on life and not to let disappoints and failures affecting a tranquil life void of happiness and sadness.


Love creates and holds the family together for the person. When the person is ready to face the outside world, love will guide the person’s decision and endeavor toward not only self-preservation but also the consideration of the love ones and sometimes even the goodness of the human race. The latter is especially true in times of crises:

  1. In times of famine, the head of the household will try to feed the family first,

  2. In a life and death situation, a person will be more likely to put the love one’s survival first,

  3. In times of war, the responsible citizens will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for peace and freedom, etc.

    On the other hand, without this instinctive urge of love, everyone will be for themselves. There will be no community, no development of communication, no educational system, no inspirational endeavor, and no civilization. No doubt, there are also people with the urge of hate greater than that of love. As a result, the progress of the human’s civilization was mired with people fighting and killing one another, sometimes, escalating into regional battles and even worldwide wars. But, the human race has survived the self-inflicted brutality and near fatal total destruction all due to the fact that there are more people with the urge of love stronger than that of hate.


How did the human body arrive at its present complexity is beyond imagination and comprehension. There are millions ways that things can go wrong. Yet, the heart just keeps beating, the lung keeps breathing, the stomach keeps digesting, the kidney keeps filtering, the immune system keeps fighting, etc. The result is that a normal human body can function in good health for at least 60 years. But, health has been a major concern for the human beings. For, human’s journey of life can be perilous:

  1. A person risk physical injury while driving a car on the street, engaging in recreational activities, and/or making a living at work,

  2. It is stressful to live in a modern society; there are mortgage to pay, family to support, and/or keep up with the job performance at work,

  3. With the abundance and affordability of food, people start to overeat and become overweight, etc.

    All of the above will degrade the normal operation of the body and affect its health. Due to the advancement of today’s medicine, some of the physical and mental damages can be repaired; pain and suffering can be minimized to allow the person to carry on a compromised healthy life.


Everyone wishes to live a life happily with the love ones and in good health. Unfortunately, only a lucky few have the privilege to realize the dream. The reason is simple, we are not here to enjoy life and have a good time. Each person with one’s unique mental and physical capabilities (large or small, good or bad, creative or destructive) is to fulfill one’s role in life. It is a part of the grand scheme of diversity to ensure the survival of the human species as a whole. The healer, the builder, the killer, the cheater, the dreamer, the educator, or the thief, etc., all have contributed to a civilization that embrace people from all walks of life, appreciate innovations as well as old traditions, and tolerate different personal beliefs and cultural backgrounds. No one knows for sure what one’s role in life is, everyone knows that without happiness, love, and health, life is not worthy of living.


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