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Happy Life Tip: Knock it Off

Updated on October 14, 2014

Your current behavior, defined as the way you are acting, has laid the groundwork for what is the current cycle of your life.

Perception is Projection

Your perception of any given situation determines the outcome, the way you will act, or behave, and how you feel about things. It determines the way you view the world around you.

Two people can look at the same thing, and see something totally different. This matters in your life, more than I can note with a few simple words, because what you see, or chose to see, is simply because of the way you think, which generates your feelings and actions, which have created the life you live today.

Carl Jung, a noted Swiss psychiatrist made the statement "Perception is Projection" and it couldn't be truer. The world around you today exists as you see it, not necessarily as it really is.

If we really are what we think, and we aren’t happy with that, the key is to start changing the way we think so that we will be happy.


Repeating the same cycles in our lives, happy or not, is not pushing us ahead is it? That was not rhetorical. I want you to think about it. What are you holding onto? What are you repeating? And what good is it doing you? I am not judging you at all; I am just asking the questions that I think need to be asked.

You have to change what you do, to change who you are. This means changing the things in your life, your thought patterns... the works!

I suggest actually making your own list of these things because without actually facing them, you aren't really able to confront and change them. Typically examples of these things I find most common in coaching are jobs, relationships we have grown out of (romantic or not), various fears of failure etc.

What to Change

Your goal is to determine what things you will keep holding onto and what you won’t from the list I hope you have created by diving in a little bit deeper and really considering the pros and cons of the things you are holding on to. For example, a job might be worth holding on to because you know you are on the right career path and things will change eventually.

Anything you do want to change should be turned into a goal no matter how large that goal seems. Anything that seems overwhelming needs only to be broken down in smaller, more obtainable goals.

Once you do that, you'll be surprised how quickly you can cross things off the "to -do" list and how fast your life starts to change for the better!


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