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Happy Life Tips: Hold Yourself Accountable

Updated on May 25, 2014
Being accountable for your actions will be the difference in your life between great success and failure.
Being accountable for your actions will be the difference in your life between great success and failure.

What are the words?

  1. Account: A statement of reasons, causes, etc.
  2. Ability: Power or capacity to do or act mentally, physically, legally, financially, morally, etc.
  3. Accountability: Being accountable, liable, and answerable.

Why do they matter?

Why do those two things matter? They matter because with them you can work to repair, adjust, and secure the things in your life that you have always wanted, or wanted to improve.

They matter because if you understand these things, they mean you are actually doing the things that you are supposed to do, can do, and even, that you ought to do just to ensure that you have the best life that you possibly can.

What's your motivation?

If you can change your habits so that you are thinking before you are acting and asking yourself - Will I be liable for this? Will I want to answer for this? Will I hold myself accountable for this? Ask yourself if you are proud of what you are doing and if you are doing it for the right reasons.

If you ask those questions you will uncover the motivation for the action. And with that information, you can make the changes required in your life to actually be happy.

But what is it really?

For the purposes of improving your quality of life, being accountable is you knowing what you expect of yourself and then making it happen. It is you accepting that your life is the product of your design.

For all intents and purposes, it means stopping for just a minute and listening to what your heart, body and mind are already telling you. They are always talking to you but usually, we are so busy doing the same – talking too much or over-thinking things - that we simply don’t hear them.

So step one is to learn to listen to yourself.

From there, you will then uncover what your current needs and wants are.

Once you know what those things are and look around the figurative room that is your life, happy or not, wealthy or not, full of joy or not. You should see that it’s you that brought it all there.

That “room” is decorated according to your design. Are you happy? Are you grumpy? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you trust and love people? Do you not? Do you really want to be happy? Or do you just say that you do and then let it roll, not ever actually stepping in to claim your life but rather, letting it pass you by? It’s yours. Get up off your butt and start running the show.

But most important...

The most important thing you can do, more important even than taking action today, is taking responsibly for your life as it exists right now. This is not to put blame on you for the things that you don’t like, haven’t done, or are afraid of. This is an action you should take so that you know you have the power to change all of this. Just as all the good things and bad things in your life right now are “your fault”, they are also yours to control. This means that, at any time, you can change them. You and you alone have the power to do this for yourself. No one else does – so stop looking around and start setting goals, holding yourself to them and changing things so that you have everything you want!


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