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Happy Pills Review

Updated on June 21, 2011

Happy Pills by Brain Pharma are a mood enhancing blend for those stress filled days, where clubbing your boss like a baby seal seems like a great idea. Happy Pills contain serotonin precursors that help put you in a better mood. This blend contains St. John’s Wort for anxiety and depression, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine for brain function, caffeine for energy, B vitamins for stress and energy, and 5-HTP for mood support.

The onset of Happy Pills is typically roughly half an hour, depending on whether or not it’s taken with food. For the caffeine sensitive individuals, do take it with food or a snack of some sort, as it does contain 200mg of the stuff. However, it’s mostly counterbalanced by the other relaxing elements. If your expecting this to replace a red bull, it’s not going really geared for that, despite the caffeine content.

What it does typically do is give a calming, relaxing, mood boost, that comes on softly, like being enveloped by a cloud of calmness. Things that normally would push your buttons don’t, and it’s much easier to with the jerks we all encounter, or not let that looming deadline stress your out to wit’s end. It can increase sensitivity to sunlight/ UV rays. So, be careful before taking these on a day at the beach, or hitting the tanning bed.

Nightlife’s Verdict:

It’s a fairly fast acting formula, so it’s great for use on those days that catch you by suprize. It’s not a great pre game supplement if your going out, but more suited for use at the office, when the kiddos are acting up, or trying to rush around and get things done. We suggest taking 2 of the pills(1 serving) when you feel the stress rising, and/or you start to lose your cool. Wait about half an hour, and you should be in a happy place.


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    • profile image

      Monica 5 years ago

      I am on day 3 and still feel nothing.??

    • profile image

      John L 6 years ago

      Hi there.

      My name is John, and I want to tell you all about my experience with Happy Pills. Before the ingredients Huperzine and SAMe were thrown into the formula, the Happy Pills formula was by far the best thing I have ever had! I had great energy, a great mood, and my metabolism was up. However, since Brain Pharma took out Arginine AKG (and I think hacked out a fairly decent amount of the other ingredients) and added Huperzine (which I researched is really good for memory) and SAMe (which is the reason I am writing this review), my experience with Happy Pills hasn't been quite so, well, happy. In fact my usage of it has caused me to become rather aggressive and irrational to the point I was believing people were out to get me. Either I am sensitive to chemicals altogether (which worked in my favor with the original formula) or I am just another statistic in regards to the adverse effects of SAMe. I researched after having noticed these symptoms that SAMe has the ability to do that. The Happy Pills reviews that you see that are before Dec. 2011 are out of date with the current formula. Go ahead and try them at your own risk.

    • profile image

      earth 6 years ago

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