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Happy Vaginas for the Over 40s

Updated on December 13, 2010

Vagina maintenance is a good investment


Let's face it - unlike red wine, your vagina does not improve with age. In fact, after the big 'M', the old girl struggles to keep her balance and can be a downright pain in the butt at times. The bottom line is:
are you on the ball when it comes to combating symptoms of unhappiness (such as dryness) in your vintage pink parts?
do you know the difference between normal and abnormal 'climatic conditions' in your nether regions?
did that last 'spontaneous love cuddle' literally bring tears to your eyes?

Even if you're not coming out the other side of menopause, you may still appreciate some proven self help tips to get your 'lady garden' blooming again and get rid of those distressing problems 'down below'.

Include your lady parts in your daily beauty routine

As we mature, there is no reason why we cannot keep our mellowing private parts fully functioning and in good nick - and quickly fix them up if they occasionally wilt from some distressing condition. Including your genital area in your daily beauty routine is a good habit to practise as soon as you begin to use moisturiser and makeup. It's investment against potential future problems.

As women exit menopause they often head into a 'drier' future (if you get my drift) wincing at the very thought of having sex and AGAIN suffering painful tearing of fragile tissues. With the rise in popularity of online dating, senior couples are enjoying new sexual relationships so the need for protection against sexually transmitted diseases and comfortable intercourse for both partners is vital. Vagina maintenance is a worthwhile investment!

Hormonal changes affect the elasticity and natural lubrication of our tissues and also our susceptibility to incubating bacteria and disease. We owe it to ourselves, regardless of age, to monitor unusual symptoms such as discharges (as opposed to natural, cleansing juices) and other abnormal vaginal conditions by treating our vaginas to as much care as we give to our faces. When you brush your teeth, get into the habit of moisturising around your vagina and vulva every day and consider talking to your doctor about bio identical hormone supplements.

My little easy to read book is not written in medicalese but gives you instant information and practical tips on common vaginal problems (whether you are 40 or not!) so you'll soon distinguish between what you can treat youself and what requires a visit to the doc.

Claire Preston is my pen name
Claire Preston is my pen name


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