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Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push Up Bars - Fitness Review

Updated on July 24, 2009

Handle Push Up Bars

There are many handle push up bar products out there and its about time a product promotes proper form when doing your push ups. Some come with inbuilt swivels so you can rotate your wrists to vary the degree of difficulty. They are also a great way for people with wrist problems to do push ups.

I bought the Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push Up Bars 3 weeks ago after becoming really sick of the pain in my wrists from the overpriced perfect push up product I bought off one of those infomercial channels. 


Non Slip –

The Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push Up Bars comes with 3 rubber stoppers on the bottom and has never slipped when doing my push ups. This is great when I am trying to push myself not having to worry about slipping and snapping my wrist. 

You can also use the Harbinger 373500 on wooden or tile floors as it doesn’t leave any marks that some other handle push up bars leave. Safety should be your number 1 priority a wrist injury can put you out for weeks and really shatter your fitness goals. 

Great for Arthritis Sufferers 

These are great for arthritis sufferers as they take away the need to put your palm flat on the ground removing all wrist action for people with problem wrists. 

Sturdy and Lightweight build

The first thing I noticed with the Harbinger push up bars is how sturdy they are, and they really do feel solid without being overly heavy. It also has a nice looking paint job

Notice the positioning of the push up bars, in a triangular shape to emphasize the Triceps :)
Notice the positioning of the push up bars, in a triangular shape to emphasize the Triceps :)

Favourite Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push Up Bars WORKOUT

My favourite routine when using my Harbinger push up bars is a little pyramid type program for my triceps. The routine goes like this

1. Start at a comfortable push up position , 8 – 12 reps

2. Move them closer in forming a slightly triangle shape , 6-8 reps

3. Now have the push up bars almost touching forming triangle shape , really focusing on the triceps for 3-5 reps (can be tough)

This works great to add size to your tricep and your arms in general as the tricep is ¾ of your arm :), You can do the pyramid sets the opposite way or mix it however you like.

I recently purchased the harbinger skipping rope and gloves might review them later on but the gloves help my on my long sets doing dead lifts. My grip usually fails before I can get a good lower back workout.


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    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      heh really :P whats the typo. I know what you mean about wrists my wrists are terribly scrawny and weak

    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 8 years ago

      Haha. When I first read the title, I thought that there was a typo. Guess I was wrong. :O

      Speaking of problem wrists, they really can develop some bumps if too much pressure is put on them and they don't heal fast.