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Harmony: Achieving Peace in Your Life and Surroundings

Updated on June 24, 2016


This all started this morning, this quest for knowledge about peace and harmony. It wasn't my original intent to seek information on things like Feng Shui, Labradorite Crystals, Daoism and the meaning of life, but it has progressed into this page.

Sales Reports

Yes. It started with curiosity. I was looking at sales reports. One of my sales reports showed a sale of Labradorite 10mm beads. Upon searching with Bing, I discovered a page of rocks, or gems I suppose, that looked like my old mood ring. The mood ring that I had, changed color with the temperature of your skin. At least, that's how I thought it worked. Maybe moisture affects it.

At any rate, I was interested in knowing what was so special about Labradorite. Well. Apparently, it is a Crystal that is believed to cause harmony.


Harmony is when things look, sound and feel good together. Naturally. Instead of being jarring and loud, it's gentle and quiet and soothing.

It's having a blue room, with a black leather couch, with a green plant. It's the window with the light streaming in with the vivid greens, blues and other colors that are naturally seen through a window.

All are incorporated in the magic of harmony.

Feng Shui

As you research Feng Shui, it is a blend of negatives and positives. It is a balance.

I have seen the little circles with the two commas nestled together with the two dots. They are equal. They are opposite. We called them Ying and Yang. They represent Harmony and balance and serenity.

Daoism and Taoism

Apparently, this is not a new concept. Confucius was a very calm and harmonious man who was very in tune with balance. Did he have a job and a stress producing lifestyle? I don't know what Confucius did for a living, but apparently he had a government job that he quit at some point and began his life as a teacher, teaching people to be harmonious.

What Did Confucius Say

Confucius Say.

That was a sentence that I heard quite a bit when I was growing up. Confucius was wise on life and had a lot of sayings that were very profound.

I think of Fortune cookies when I think of what he says. It's fun to eat at a Chinese Restaurant and get the little cookie wrapped in plastic and read the little piece of paper inside that tells you your fortune.

The way to begin is to start.


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