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The Suppression Of Medical Cures, Alternative Medicine & New Energy Technologies

Updated on May 3, 2016
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How medical cures for terminal illnesses like cancer, along with new alternative energy technologies, have been suppressed over the decades.

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

Hoxsey Therapy

In the 1920s Harry Hoxsey, a former coal miner and insurance salesman, came up with a new form of treatment for cancer which he named Hoxsey Therapy.

The inspiration for Hoxsey Therapy came from Harry's grandfather who claimed to have watched a horse with a tumor on it's leg heal completely after repeatedly grazing on wild plants. Harry's grandfather, John, then collected the herbs that were present and combined them with older traditional home remedies that were also believed to have anti-cancer properties.

According to Harry Hoxsey, the therapy would restore the human metabolism to physiological normalcy and carry waste away from tumors. Whilst he did have to face up to multiple problems first, Harry Hoxsey eventually launched his own clinic in Dallas, Texas where he treated a total over 8,000 patients becoming one of the largest privately owned cancer treatment clinics in the world and reaching an annual income in excess of $1.5-Million. Prior to this, however, Hoxsey had already made seventeen attempts at launching clinics, initially in Illinois, but was continually shut down for not having the necessary licenses.

According to Hoxsey's book, You Don't Have To Die, on one occasion the only person in the clinic who carried out treatment did indeed produce his license as requested unbeknownst to him that it had been cancelled the day before.

The Suppression Of Hoxsey Therapy

Despite going on to treat a number of patients, all of whom were completely cured of cancer within three months, attempts at suppression began to kick in and by 1960, Hoxsey Therapy had been banned and by 1963 Hoxsey had been completely shut down in the US. The official history shows that the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the AMA (American Medical Association) were making a concerted effort to discredit Hoxseys' treatment.

Prior to even carrying out any scientific testing, the director of the NCI stated in 1953:

"Our efforts in cancer control are directed toward reduction of the intervals between onset and diagnosis of cancer, and between diagnosis and the application of effective treatment. People who fall victims to quacks are diverted from this narrow course for the best clinical management of cancer."

Hoxsey Treatment Effectiveness

The AMA (American Medical Association) had also already condemned Hoxsey Therapy as fraudulent and in 1949, Hoxsey successfully sued their journal (JAMA) for libel and slander, winning the case but only being awarded $2 in damages. According to JAMA, a review of 400 patients that had been treated by Hoxsey showed no credible evidence of cures. Despite Hoxsey being forced to shut down all his US clinics by 1963, the nurse Mildren Nelson who Hoxsey had already worked closely with, adopted his methods with his approval and set up the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico the same year. The Bio-Medical Center went on to claim a success rate of 80% by using Hoxsey Therapy and continues to treat patients to the present today.

The Bio-Medical Center was taken over by Nelson's sister, Liz Jonas, in 1999 after Mildren Nelson had died. In 1998, the Office of Technology Assessment confirmed that many elements of the Hoxsey Therapy treatment did indeed contain anti-tumor properties in vitro, although it was never officially tested in medical trials. In support of Hoxsey Therapy, James Duke of United States Department of Agriculture confirmed that eight out of nine herbs used in Hoxsey Therapy showed anti-tumor properties in animals, five of them showed antioxidant effects and all nine of them showed antimicrobial properties linked to agents that fight against cancer. In conclusion, Duke claimed that Hoxsey Therapy did indeed show significant chemical and biological anti-cancer properties.

Despite all the controversy, no official peer-reviewed material into Hoxsey Therapy has ever been published, thereby not allowing any official conclusions of the effectiveness of the treatment to be determined. Whilst the Hoxsey Therapy treatment is still marketed by the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico and is also available over the internet as an alternative treatment, in June 2008 the FDA National Health Fraud Coordinator stated:

"There is no scientific evidence that it has any value to treat cancer, yet consumers can go online right now and find all sorts of false claims that Hoxsey treatment is effective against the disease."

Of course, the only reason that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Hoxsey Therapy is effective is because all attempts at publishing peer-reviewed material and efforts to confirm the efficacy of the treatment have consistently been undermined by official sources.

If there was indeed peer-reviewed material available and the necessary scientific studies had indeed been carried out, then the official conclusion and bottom line on Hoxsey Therapy could very well be a different story. It is now estimated that up to 75,000 people may have been cured by using Hoxsey Therapy. Ironically, Hoxsey himself developed prostate cancer and died seven years later uncured.

Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)

Lakhovsky's work led on to the development of the Multi-Wave Oscillator, a device which works by creating a wide range of high frequency pulse signals which radiate energy into a patient through a pair of resonators. One of the resonators acts as a transmitter whereas the other resonator acts as a receiver.

A patient would sit on a wooden stool in between the two resonators to be exposed to the energies for fifteen minutes. The energies would increase the resonance of healthy cells whilst creating disequilibrium in diseased organisms. Successful clinical trials in Europe resulted in much hype and George Lakhovsky's reputation began to spread.

Whilst Lakhovsky's medical treatment was not initially suppressed, there was not really any reason to do so. By 1939, when Lakhovsky published the results in his book, The Secret Of Life, the outbreak of World War II took public attention away from the book and it went unnoticed and unreviewed. However, Lakhovsky's work was eventually uncovered in the 1960s by Dr Bob Beck after he found a Multi-Wave Oscillator in the basement of a hospital in South Carolina. Beck dismantled the device and published the results of what he found in a series of articles which were published by Borderlands in 1963.

Many people went on to use Dr Bob Beck's instructions to build their very own Multi-Wave Oscillators.

Oscillating Circuits

In 1924, George Lakhovsky carried out an experiment to test his theory that a state of health depended on whether oscillations from healthy cells were maintained (equilibrium) or whether they had been overtaken by oscillations of disease-causing cells (disequilibrium). Lakhovsky carried out the experiments on ten geranium plants which were infected with a disease which causes cancerous tumors in plants.

Lakhovsky believed that the oscillatory level of weakened cells could be boosted and disease could be overcome by using a simple antenna with the belief that all living organisms (including diseased ones) could act as as an emitter and receiver of high frequency oscillations. Lakhovsky called these antennae oscillating circuits.

For his experiment, Lakhovsky attached an open-ended coil of copper wire 30-cm in diameter around the stem of one of the plants. Whilst all of the other plants ended up dying from the onset of cancer, the one plant with the antenna survived and went on to become a robust and healthy plant. Eventually, people began wearing oscillating circuits as bracelets, collars and belts and Lakhovsky claimed that the devices captured and directed sympathetic waves from the cosmos (cosmic waves) which resonated at the same frequency of the harmonics of the frequency at which the weakened cell oscillated.

Bio-Electric Medicine

Tesla Technology/Treatment

Many medical devices work by utilizing specialized electric fields which alter the state of targeted biological tissues, organisms and cells within the human body and can be used either to suppress the growth of unwanted organisms or to promote the healing of healthy tissue. The success of such treatment largely depends on electric and magnetic fields, along with wave shape, frequency, duration and pulse polarity and must be done with accuracy.

The renowned scientist, Nikola Tesla, who was persecuted for his work and died penniless and labelled as insane, had patented many bio-electric inventions by the early 19th century which demonstrated many amazing health-promoting properties. Some of these bio-electric technologies were based on Tesla's radiant energy. Radiant energy is a form of energy which is derived from the ether using high frequency, high voltage DC pulse generator circuits.


Radiant energy technologies were regularly used in medical treatment to treat a number of different illnesses right up until approximately 1935 when the private pharmaceutical companies began to establish themselves. Due to radiant energy technologies being considerably more effective than chemical substances, the treatment was not considered profitable enough and the pharmaceutical companies instead resorted to using chemical medications.

Up until this time, carbon arc lamps and mercury vapor lamps (actinotherapy) were being used widely throughout the medical community due the ability of light to cause alterations in the body's chemical processes which stimulates the immune system thereby creating a bodily environment which is devitalizing to pathogens.

Once medical licensing was introduced, those in the medical profession who continued to practice actinotherapy risked losing their licenses and being decertified and the use of such technologies and treatments rapidly declined. Whilst many current professionals in the medical field now label actinotherapy as quackery or taboo, it was actually an incredibly potent form of bio-electric medicine which worked well.

Alternative Energy

Cold Fusion

In 2004, scientist and former Editor of Infinite Energy magazine, Dr Eugene Mallove, was found brutally murdered on the lawn of his home shortly after speaking out publicly about nuclear energy.

Eugene Mallove was an advocate of free (or new/alternative) energy technologies and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Whilst the official story was that Mallove had been beaten as a result of attempting to stop a robbery from taking place, it turned out that two of the people who were responsible for his death and who were arrested for his murder in 2010 had already known Mallove for six years prior to the event.

Mallove was a scientist whose words are not to be taken lightly and he was certainly not a pseudo-scientist. Mallove held a BS and MS degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering which he attained from MIT and also a ScD degree in environmental health sciences which he obtained from Harvard University. Mallove had been employed by technology engineering companies such as MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, the Analytical Science Corporation, Hughes Research Laboratories and had been a consultant in the research and development of new energy technologies.

In 1999, Eugene Mallove published a book entitled Fire From Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor which detailed a 1989 report on table-top cold fusion from Martin Fleischmann and Standley Pons at the University of Utah. According to Mallove, the team at the University of Utah observed over-unity output energy in an experiment which they successfully replicated multiple times. Before his untimely death in 2004, Eugene Mallove had provided witness testimony to Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure project and was also planned to feature in the free movie-documentary, Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, although he was murdered before the interview had taken place.


Not only had Dr Eugene Mallove spoken out publicly about the suppression of cold fusion but he had also appeared on a radio show, shortly before his death, speaking out about the suppression of the work of Nikola Tesla and the undeniable fact that an ether, or aether, must exist.

Two days after his death two men, Joseph Reilly and Gary McAvoy, were arrested for Mallove's murder. They were driving in a stolen car, committing burglaries whilst on a crack binge and both men had blood on their clothes. Although the men were charged with Mallove's murder, a year later DNA tests showed that the blood on the clothing was not Mallove's.

When the charges against Reilly and McAvoy were dropped, a special investigation team was launched involving investigators from the New London County State's Attorney Office, the Chief State's Attorney Office in Rocky Hill, the Connecticut State Police and Norwich Police Department. The case went on for many years with additional investigators constantly being added to the team.

It seemed that whoever murdered Mallove covered their tracks extremely well and in 2009, a $50,000 dollar reward was authorized by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. and the Mallove family and CBS Outdoor Advertising Agency launched a billboard advertising campaign to seek more information into the case making it obvious that Mallove was not murdered a a result of simply interrupting a robbery in action. It was clearly a calculated effort.

Suppression Of Cold Fusion

In an article which was published on the Infinite Energy website, Dr Mallove explained in detail how the suppression of cold fusion had been handled. Mallove explained how professors and scientists at MIT met cold fusion with hatred, bias and skepticism.

Cold fusion was born in 1989 when Pons and Fleischmann introduced such technology to the world. Of course, cold fusion with it's considerably lower costs, lower radiation emissions and lack of any waste was an instant threat to all the funding and research that was already going into hot fusion despite it's much more extreme consequences.

A report also published at the Infinite Energy website, entitled MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report, explains how replication experiments carried out by MIT's Plasma Fusion Center did in fact produce successful results but the data was altered at least twice by unknown people. The report also claims that the scientists were too biased in their opinions to carry out the research properly (confirmation bias).

The report also details how scientists and professors at MIT, in their attempt to discredit cold fusion, went as far as inducing the mainstream belief that cold fusion was "junk science" (despite the fact there were thousands of successful replications worldwide), altering the results of their own experiments, hurling insults, destroying reputations and even having parties to celebrate the death of cold fusion.

Dennis Bushnell of NASA, who created the infamous Future Of Warfare document (originally a Powerpoint presentation), claims that cold fusion is the most promising alternative form of energy currently available on Earth. However, he has replaced the term cold fusion with the term Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), stating that there is no fusion in cold fusion.

Zero Point Technologies

Many people have blown the whistle on zero-point technology over the years, although it has been consistently denied that such technologies exist.

The zero-point energy field is also known as the vacuum fluctuation field and this energy field is infinite throughout the entire universe. According to NASA, there is enough energy in a volume the same size as a cup of coffee as is needed to boil away all of Earth's oceans.

As NASA themselves stated, "That's one strong cup of coffee!".

Despite the denial over whether zero-point technology had been used successfully or not, NASA confirm on their very own website, on their Some Emerging Possibilities page, that their laboratory appeared to observe successful extraction of energy from the zero-point field back in 1996 by using the Casimir effect.

Many whistleblowers from within NASA, the US military and government have claimed that zero-point antigravity technologies are already being used as part of black/covert projects, known as unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs). Sergeant Clifford Stone is one man who has previously testified to the existence of unacknowledged special access programs embedded deep within the US government. NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has also recently revealed top secret documents confirming the existence of such programs.

"These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world."

— Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut

According to Theodore C. Lodor, Professor Emeritus at the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire, "There is significant evidence that scientists since Tesla have known about this energy, but that its existence and potential use has been discouraged and indeed suppressed over the past half century or more."

Despite the suppression of zero-point technology, more and more scientists are coming forward to speak about it in recent times, including Harold E. Puthoff who published the paper Gravity as a zero-point fluctuation force in Physical Review A, atomic, molecular and optical physics. The paper suggested that gravity is not a separately existing force but is an induced effect associated with zero-point vacuum fluctuations, as indicated by the Casimir effect.

Adam Trombly is another scientist who has spoken out about the suppression of zero-point technology. Trombly created his own zero-point energy extraction device based on the existence of the electromagnetic torus and vector equilibrium which worked successfully but his efforts at getting this technology out to the public was undermined by the Bush administration and heavily debunked and discredited.

The reasons for the suppression of zero point technologies are obvious. The fact that such technologies can be used to extract energy directly from the zero-point energy field around us means that not only is there an infinite amount of energy but also that the energy can not be metered and therefore energy companies stand to lose everything they have once such technologies are being widely used by the general public.

Even more profoundly, every person who has come forward to speak about the suppression of the existence of the zero-point field and the Casimir effect has also confirmed that the suppression of these technologies goes hand-in-hand with the suppression of the UFO phenomena and that many UFOs, some of them extraterrestrial in origin, are actually zero-point antigravity devices which have been intentionally hidden from the public.

© 2015 Marc Hubs


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Your article must be shared because this information MUST get out there. People do NOT have to die when being diagnosed with Cancer. True stories like: Hoxsey Therapy had been banned and Dr Eugene Mallove spoken out publicly about the suppression of cold fusion are some examples. De-population has been going on for many many years! Thanks for writing this.

    • Authenticz profile image

      Authenticz HubPage 

      4 years ago from North America

      Great job !

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Well, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was quite a few years ago that I initially read up on these topics but there is a lot of information which has come to light since. Back then, I found the information questionable, especially about Lakhovsky. Now it can easily be determined to be credible. Oh how times are changing! It's time for us to awaken from the mass delusion we have been intentionally kept in. Thanks for you comments (and compliments!).

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Carson City

      sparkster......This article is mind-blowing. I was thoroughly engrossed in every word. The videos as well are incredibly important. We can't help but enjoy and be grateful for scientific information that opens up new worlds of thought for us. Facts & data have no value to any of us when they are hidden or repressed!

      Your hub is a Page One google piece of work, most certainly. I feel spurred on to research further! Always a clear indication a writer has done her/his job!! Bravo, Sparkster!

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      They tried to discredit cold fusion so much that I expect they very well did try to make it out to be too expensive, aswell as anything else they could say to discredit it. Cold fusion experiments at home? Explosions? Sounds like similar risks to running a meth lab!

      There are indeed many alternative treatments and cures for cancer which have become known (and suppressed) over the years. Of course, in recent times it seems that bees venom and marijuana are the two substances that can cure many terminal illneses including cancer, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      5 years ago from Beautiful South

      That coffee sounds like that brewed by one of my coworkers. I'll have to tell her about this. Coverups and put downs have been going on for years, and it's too bad people are being deprived of inexpensive energy and disease cures. Didn't they use the excuse that cold fusion was too expensive to be practical? My husband, an engineer, had to prove he could do cold fusion. He was successful, but after one of his experiments blew up on our kitchen table, I laid down the law and told him to move it to the garage. Glass went all over our 900 sq. ft. greatroom. Thank goodness it missed the cats, and nothing was damaged. Thought you might find that funny.

      I've been following the alternative cancer cures since people have had the courage to make them public. I know a nurse in my city who developed a very deadly strain of cancer. She refused chemo and found an institution up north that uses alternative treatments, including internal cleansing and fresh fruits and vegetables in a certain combination, along with meditation. Her doctors marveled when her tumor started shrinking because they had warned her that she was signing her death warrant. They were astounded when a couple of years later, she was cancer free. I'm sure there are many other anecdotes like this if people would just put them out there.


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