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Have Your Dream Six Pack Abs

Updated on May 12, 2011

Having acquired a fat belly, you become more prone to diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and blood pressure. So, you are advised to take immediate action to reduce your belly fat. You can also try to have your dreamsix pack abs after reducing the fat around your belly.

Drinking a lot of water will help you to reduce your stomach fat. This may sound strange. Water does not increase your fat but can fill your stomach fast. So, if you drink more of water prior to your meal or during the course of your meal, your intake of food will come down drastically. Thus you can reduce your fat.

Further, water flushes out toxins from your system quite efficiently. You may be aware that toxins remain in the fat cells of your body and so, when you remove these toxins with the help of water, you can reduce your stomach fat.

If you miss out on this point and do not drink sufficient water, your body may think that sufficient water is not available for its use. So, it will start storing water and hence, your body fat will increase.

The wisest suggestion to reduce your fat is to split your daily diet into six or seven smaller meals and eat them at more frequent intervals instead of eating three large meals. This is a great way to reduce your body fat because the calories of these smaller meals can be easily burned by your system.

You should also slow down your eating. Some people eat quite fast, especially when they are hungry. This is the right prescription for fat increase. This is because your brain realizes only slowly that you are eating, may be after 20 minutes after you commence eating. So, before your brain realizes this, you may have over-eaten. But if you eat slowly, you will not over-eat because you will be in the middle of eating when the brain realizes that you are eating.

You should not go to sleep immediately after you eat your dinner. This will cause fat increase because your physical activity during the night will be almost nil. So, only after two hours after your dinner, you should retire for bed.

You should also learn to manage your stress. It has been proved that people tend to over-eat when they are stressed out. Listening to good and melodious music and watching comedy programs on the television will help you relax your mind. You can also try deep breathing, yogic exercises and meditation to relieve yourself from stress.

If you follow these steps, the day of having your dream six pack abs is not far off.


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