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Have a Stress Free and Healthy Feet

Updated on June 24, 2009
Healthy feet
Healthy feet

As a woman I like to wear high heels shoes sometime, but after wearing those shoes or after very busy day I feel my feet are extremely tired. So, I learn to have my own feet treatment for their stress free and health. Stress for feet ? Yes, our feet could feel stress and it will impact to our body health. There are three simple ways to have a healthy feet :

1. Soaking feet

You could soak your feet in warm water to make them relax. Before soaking the feet add a few drops of essential oil in the water. It could make your feet and your body relax. If there is no essential oil, you can use a cup of apple vinegar or one tsp sea salt (contain high minerals like magnesium, bromide, iodium, calcium, and potassium) or Epsom salt.

Sea salt has high effectivity to reduce muscle cramps, sore muscles and joints, neck and backache. The Romans very fond of soaking feet. In the nineteenth century, spas in France introduced that soaking feet is very useful not just to release muscles but also reduce the arthritis pain.

2. Feet massage

Second way to have healthy and stress free feet is get a massage for them with gentle love. After bathing in the night, try to rub your feet with light plant oil like sesame oil or odorless lotion, or add some essential oil. After that, rest the feet by lay down and put your feet higher than your head on top of some pillows.
Feet massage will increase the blood circulation, soften your skin, and avoid dry skin. Start to add some nutrition for your feet by adding basic oil. Try one of these oils or make some combines from sesame oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, jojoba, or safflower oil.
If you have plenty of time try make your own mix : Add 10-15 drops of essential oil per 2 tsp basic oil.
It simple and will make your feet relax.

Massage Techniques : Massage: Feet & Ankles

3. Release your feet.

Walking bare feet along the beach is the super fantastic way to massage your feet. The beach sand is like a natural pumice stones. After take a long walk on the beach sand you will feel your feet stronger. Walking on the grass bare feet is also a great way to make your feet relax and connected with ground.

You may try simple feet exercise to reduce toxin and release the blood circulation. Stretch your feet and  turn them including ankles. Stretch the whole body and toes before go to bed, sit on your heels and stretch your toes. The Japanese woman do that often, it help them to get great body postour and release the blood circulation to the entire body.

Tea tree essential oil
Tea tree essential oil

Bali Spa Tips For Healthy Feet

1.Clove oil as a massage oil
Clove oil is very useful to make your feet relax. Clove oil works as antiseptic. But you have very carefull using that oil, some skin is sensitive with clove oil. Try it in a small amount.
Prepare : 5 tsp sesame oil and 4 tsp clove oil
Mix both oils and apply it to your feet. Give a light massage.

2. Soaking feet with Lavender
Prepare : 5-10 drops lavender oil add 2-3 litre of warm water, and soak your feet for 10-20 minutes.
Prepare : 3 drops tea tree oil and 2 drops lavender oil. Add warm water then soak yor feet for 10 minutes.


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