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Have fun at the 5k Foam Fest!

Updated on February 28, 2013
5k Foam Fest!  Get good an sudsy!
5k Foam Fest! Get good an sudsy! | Source

Look at the fun!

I did the death drop!

Costumes are fun
Costumes are fun
She thinks I am awesome :)
She thinks I am awesome :)
Blury pick on the lily pads.
Blury pick on the lily pads.


The 5k Foam Fest was a lot of fun! This race offers plenty of obstacles and plenty of foam! When you are deciding on a mud run, you have two categories to choose from. They are hard core and fun core. They are pretty self explanatory. The Foam Fest is definitely a fun core race. Once again, I went out there without training for the run and just pushed through the burning rib cage and took breaks from running to avoid submitting to the pain and passing out. That behavior is not the expectation! I am just a bit different. For those of you who are all about adventure and not so much about the running, running is not a requirement. I saw plenty of walkers. One thing I really enjoyed seeing was children. The fun nature of this run is still challenging but is open to children. I am not sure of the ages but the children I saw looked about 12 or 13. The good thing about these races is that its not really competitive. I am competitive with myself but you were not racing against other to win as a requirement. If there is an obstacle that is a bit too much for you or the child that decides to tag along, you can just skip it. There are some out there that are in it for the challenge and keep their own time but this race does not keep time or score. I think that and the obstacles are the major differences between fun and hard core runs.

The Obstacles:
They were a lot of fun! Soapy, sudsy, foam just ignites giggles and fun. There is water everywhere. Its pretty much the main ingredient of foam after all. I didn't get very dirty at all. You run through muddy, mashy, and sandy terrain. You are moist with sweat and mud and you come up to a belly crawl obstacle with sporadic charged lines. How shocking! I can't tell you how they felt because my butt did not come up at all so I didn't get shocked but I did see some zappy bottoms. Awesome! There were some walls to climb. I liked the spider web which was a series of criss-crossed bungie cords. Some bouncy things - super fun! The rope climb, lily pads, and so much more. Take a look at the obstacle video but beware, it always looks easier on tape. I loved the slip n slide thing. Way to play like a kid! If these things do not release your stress, it may be time for some more extreme, medical measures.

As for my personal imputs... I froze my A$$ off! I don't regret what I wore because wearing more only equates to more cold. Skin dries a lot faster than material does. Thank goodness that my car has butt warmers! I love the people that I meet at the runs. They are always so pleasant and friendly. I go alone but I have yet to feel alone but then again, I always talk to strangers. I really enjoyed this run. I think it is perfect for me to do with some of my non-running and my couch potato friends without having to worry about injury. The after vibe was not the same as the Warrior Dash which is my first and favorite. The dash has more to offer the friends that come as spectators. This race didn't have a beer for purchase station. It didn't have much to offer in the way of food for purchase stations either. They did have a bouncy filled with foam for the kids which my daughter enjoyed and she also got to do the dance games while she waited with some friends of mine until I finished. It took me forever to finish because one of the obstacles was delayed over an hour because of wind conditions but it was the death drop. I am totally waiting for the death drop! This race is special to me because my daughter got to cheer for me. She was like my support staff and came running with my sweater and towel. She was so excited and proud of me. She was all 'Mom, your the coolest. You play in mud. You are not like a boring adult!'... Awesome! Kool-aid smiles for us both!

Want something a little tougher? Look into the Warrior Dash <-- Click it.


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Nice to meet you prospectboy. These runs are very addictive. I am up for me third in about a week. My first experience was only less than a month ago. I tend to jump into things I guess. I would love to hear what you think of it when you do get to try one.

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 5 years ago from Texas

      Sounds like a fun 5k. I've never heard of a 5k that involves foam, but it seems like a pretty neat experience. I've heard of the 5k's that have obstacles courses though. I've yet to do one of that nature, but I've heard that you'll never be the same after doing one(in a good way of course). I enjoyed reading this. Voted up!