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Have you got an orange juicer?

Updated on April 27, 2010

Orange juicer - a kitchen essential

Everyone loves fresh orange juice with breakfast, but where do you get yours from? If you are like most people then you probably buy it from the shop, either in concentrate form in bottles, or in cartons from the cold section. Orange juice is famous for being rich in vitamin C, but did you know that any processed concentrate will have very little of the original vitamin content remaining? Commercial processing and exposure to light and heat all denature vitamins and enzymes within hours. The stuff from the cold section (sold as freshly squeezed) is better, but still not the best. It has still been sitting around for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.

The best orange juice comes from your own kitchen. Period. Freshly squeezed, freshly drunk. no additives to stop is changing color, no added dissolved vitamins to make up the shelf life. All you need is oranges and a way to squeeze them, ranging from a really basic orange reamer in a dish, to a cool upright orange juicer that crushes whole fruit in seconds! The basic reamer is just a ribbed cone that yo twist cut oranges against, with the juice collecting in a cup or a dish. This is fine for the odd glass of juice, but is tedious if you want to use it every day or want juice for several people. This is where it is great to have a specially designed orange juicer that can make as much juice as you need. The way these upright juicers work is similar to a lemon juicer (just a lot bigger) in that they crush the fruit halves using two cones, and the mechanical advantage of a lever. Load the cut fruit half in, pull down lever, take out the extracted peel and repeat.

You can easily juice half a dozen fruit to make three to four glasses worth in about 2 minutes - and thanks to the leverage these things pack even kids can use them.

Norpco, OrangeX, and Breville all make models that use this basic principle and look as good as they function.

If you prefer to buy and electric orange juicer, there is plenty of choice here too. You can of course just buy a general purpose juicer that does all types of fruits, and just peel your oranges and put them through. Sometimes this is a good option, because you can make any kind of juice you like. Remember that if you buy a dedicated orange juicer then that is the only thing it will be able to juice! But if you want a juicer just for oranges so be it. There are some real advantages - how about a machine that can process whole fruit? As in whole unpeeled fruit, and automatically does everything for you. Imagine that - wake up, turn it on, drop in three or four unpeeled oranges out of the fruit basket - pretty cool, huh?

This is a great option for the true breakfast juice fan, and is sure to impress visitors!

Tempted? What you should look for, and where

1. Whatever you buy, consider getting a stainless steel juicer instead of a plastic one. It looks better for longer, and is more durable. Whether basic hand held reamer or full blown electric, a steel mechanism is built to last.

2. OrangeX, Norpco, Breville and Lexen all make excellent products and are well reviewed everywhere.

3. Online stores are safe, fast, and convenient to buy from. They have the advantage of being able to cut costs associated with retail sales, and are generally the cheapest place to buy.


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    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas

      There is really no denying that the best juice is the one we make. I know that my grand child much prefer the juices we make at home to any store bought one and when her friends come to visit, they really enjoy it as they seldom get homemade juice. The kids also enjoy the making part of it.

    • Gregory Edwards profile image

      Gregory Edwards 7 years ago

      Nice Hub PurpleTiger

      great to see you on hubpages