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Foods both delicious and rich in nutrients (surprise: includes a benefit of fast food)

Updated on August 16, 2009

Delicious and good looking true food

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delicious and nutritional foodShrimp cocktailIce cream and green beansNice plate
delicious and nutritional food
delicious and nutritional food
Shrimp cocktail
Shrimp cocktail
Ice cream and green beans
Ice cream and green beans
Nice plate
Nice plate

What you get from food

You know what your diet needs right now?

Hint: It's on this list

What's missing from your life and from food you eat that you're feeling so lousy, you joined Oprah's book club.

Maybe it's time to try looking for your missing nutrient-copper, folic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acids, or zinc. If one of these is absent from your diet and from food--and chances are one is--you will get sick, you will get sore, and you will get stupid. Its time to eat some true food, get away from desserts and get on with these food recepies.


Well, you are right asking that. Taking a multivitamin is an option, but not the best option. Not every multivitamin has these nutrients or has them in adequate or safe amounts. You are also missing out on a ton of phytochemicals, plant compunds that have health benefits like helping to prevent cancer and lowering your risk of heart disease.

Downing a handful of individual supplements is no answer, either. Separating nutrients into individual supplements such that they cannot interact with other nutrients is not as effective as eating food. Besides, food tastes better :)

Once you know what's missing, where are you going to look? Forget journaling and meditating. Try shopping. Here is your list:

  • If you are feeling stupid as Borat on his 5th drink and you can't concentrate, GET IRON. Red meat has plenty, dried fruit and raisin bran has it also. High Vitamin C foods like lemon, oranges, broccoli and parsley along with an iron rich diet will increase absorption of iron. Drink tea after at least one hour before or after eating food, because tea is very healthy and keeps you awake, but it has tannins. Tannin binds iron and prevent your body from absorbing the iron from food. Here are some recipe ideas:

You can get a Caesar Salad with chicken and lots of lemon juice. You can also buy some lamb chops, grill them after brushing them with olive oil. Turn them at the first sign of moisture (usually three minutes, but depends on thickness of the meat), serve or eat with parsley on the side and you can drop some lemon juice on it. You can also include a small salad with plenty of vinegar or lemon juice. Italian dressing is great but it is hard to get Vitamin C from non-fresh, prepared things. So, if you are preparing your Italian dressing yourself, go for it. In the salad, you can add some raisins, they are really tasty in a salad and give it a nice sweetness.

  • If your teeth is bad, your nails are cracked, your bones are soft as a sponge, and if you are feeling generally old, you might be missing PHOSPHORUS. Get started eating your eggs and fish. You can also munch on macaroni and cheese, pizza and chicken. They take away phosphorus from wheat when they bleach it. So, you can try to get a whole bread.

GUESS WHAT? FAST FOOD IS GOOD FOR SOMETHING, and that's phosphorus. They have plenty of hidden phosphorus due to the phosphate additives they use to process fast food. So, I say the heck with all the health experts, you can eat fast food every once in a while. But seriously, avoid overdoing it. I enjoy eating Burger King burgers, use whatever chain you like and you can tell your significant other that its healthy :)

  • If you have wet and runny nose, fever and coughing, GET COPPER. You can find copper in a bowl of raisin bran, butter on a toast, and a cup of hot chocolate. You can also find copper in cashew nuts, lobster and salmon. Ain't salmon good for everything :) Beans are good for copper also. Though its not as tasty as hot chocolate, here is a general bean recipe:

Soak beans overnight in water that covers it. Drain them and put them in a large cooking pot. Cut your tomatoes in little cubes and add onion, garlic, chili powder, chilies, herbs, salt, and pepper. Add more water, enough to cover the beans. Boil the beans, cover, reduce heat, and simmer two hours or until beans are tender. Remove bay leaves and add cheese. Serve with rice.

  • If you are huffing and puffing, and feeling tired during exercise, and feeling beat up generally, GET ZINC. Besides, a study showed that intelligent people had more zinc in their hair. You can find zinc baked beans, eggs, jelly sandwiches, peanut butter and RED MEAT. That's right, man need his meat darnit :)

To cook soft and cuddly red meat, get a grill. Add any spice you like including hot peppers and black peppers. Cook on each side for 3 minutes after heating up the grill. Add salt and any barbecue sauce you like, and eat/serve. Delicious.

  • If you are having hard time sleeping or have constant headaches, you may be missing MAGNESIUM. You can find magnesium from food like cheese, milk, yogurt, fish, bananas, whole wheat breads, baked potat and broccoli. Some food recepies should help:

No need to buy expensive fruit yogurt. Just buy some jam from your local store, add some to the bottom of your cup, add yogurt and mix it up. There you go, plenty of magnesium :) You can also eat beef with broccoli, a Chinese recipe I really love. You basically cook your red meat slices and serve them with broccoli just put in boiling water for a minute. Soy sauce etc. is optional.

Here is a quick and delicious recipe: Bake a large potato, cut it in the middle, mesh it with a spoon, add salt, a cut sausage, mozzarella cheese, butter and some lightly cooked peas, mix it all up until the cheese melts, add ketchup and mayo. You can add pitted olives and such. Too delicious too eat and quick to make too (can cook the potato in the microwave until its soft).

  • If your muscles are sore all the time, you have joint aches, and you cannot carry stuff to save your life, you may be missing OMEGA-3 fatty acids. Eat the darn fish already. Get the pizza with anchovies or reach for that shrimp cocktail in the party. Order the tuna sandwich or pack a can or two of Tuna for your lunch.

Get some salmon, heat some oil in the frying pan, put the fish on the pan. When one side is fried and red, turn the other side. When both sides are red and nice, take it out and eat it with some parsley or add some sheep milk cream for extra omega 3 fatty acids. Yes, you have a lot of Conjugate Linoleic Acid (CLA) in sheep milk, plenty of Linoleic Acid in goat milk and cow's milk. You have CLA in sunflower oil and LA in olive oil.

  • You forget stuff, and feel like a you have the memory of a fish yourself, from eating all that fish for the previous vitamins and fatty acids. GET FOLIC ACID. Homocysteine levels increases in folic acid deficiency, which damages brain and heart blood vessels. Corn, orange juice and guacamole has it. You can also get your three bean chili bowl.

Broccoli soup, lentil chili, yogurt with strawberry jam will do yo good for folic acid. Because preparation, cooking, and storage destroys folic acid, vegetables are best eaten raw or lightly steamed. If you have to boil them, use its cooking liquid for stock or sauces. Best stored food for folic acid are those kept in the fridge, and not canned ones.


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