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Head Cold Symptoms And Its Natural Cure

Updated on December 21, 2014
Head cold or common cold
Head cold or common cold | Source

Head Cold is very common disease.It is so common disease that you will often find person around you suffering from it only. There is no cure of this disease is available as such.

Average American or Indian spends lot of money in visiting doctor,taking medicine for this simple disease.It is seen that children and small baby are more prone to it because of their weak immune system.

What Is Head Cold?

In Head cold is the sore for your body. When it comes, your nose becomes red and chemical comes from your nose very frequently. Due to this you can’t talk with person. You can’t do your work. You can’t taste your food because you don’t feel the taste of food.

Cold is actually a viral disease.There are many virus responsible for it,however among them rhinovirus and adenovirus are important.These viruses keep adding up and weaken your immune system.They generate muscus and keep increasing it.At last,it chokes your nose which is very unbearable condition.

A person infected with head cold has somewhat reddish nose.Head become heavy.There remain pain near eyebrows and head.The tastes all food same or you doesn't fee the taste of food. Muscus creates more often in nose that hampers in taking breath.

How Head Cold Transmit?

According to research it transmit from one person to other through hugging, kissing and coming in contact with persons who has this disease. It is said that if one person in a family catches it then members may also catch it.

Home Remedies For head Cold

When cold catches you ,then muscus comes out quite frequently,take it out with water or Keep handkerchief with you for this purpose.You can do it while bathing or any time.Drink mild hot water, this way muscus will be converted in liquid and that is very easy to come out

1.Best remedy for curing head cold is to apply balm on upper and back side your chest. Then mildly heat some cotton cloth and apply it throughout your chest. Again heat it and apply. Repeat it 5 or 6 times. Don’t make the cloth too hot. Do it as much you can bear then sleep it by covering your body with covering cloth.

2.Hot steam intake is very good remedy for curing cold. For that heat some water, mix some balm in it. Now keep your face just above the vessel and inhale it. While taking it, cover it with some cloth so as not to lose the steam.

Better do it in sleeping time because in sleep only you get proper rest and cold cure fast .Repeat it for 2 or 3 times in a day.

Buy Wonderful Pure Honey For Cold cure From Amazon

YS Organic Bee Farms CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEY 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC HONEY Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasteurized - Kosher 32oz(pack of 1)
YS Organic Bee Farms CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEY 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC HONEY Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasteurized - Kosher 32oz(pack of 1)

Honey is very helpful in curing cough,improves our immune system and our memory,good source of energy.Helpful is fighting with cancer also.


3.Hot ginger tea is also good. The property of ginger is its hotness. Therefore when it is mixed in tea and taken, it provides warmness to body that remain helpful in curing head cold.

4.Honey And Pepper-Take small amount of honey and black pepper powder and eat it for 2- times in day. It cures the cold very fast.

5. Every night while sleeping, boil some milk with turmeric, ginger and clove. Before taking this if you want to drink water then take it. Drink it while hot and sleep. Don’t drink water in night also. It will reduce the effect of this solution. This is wonderful remedy for curing common cold. When you catch the cold,your body demands hotness. So any item like hot water or juice is very helpful in dealing with cold.

How To Cure Cold Through Fruits

Fruits is considered remedy for all diseases. Fruit strengthen the immune system and compensate for any particular vitamin deficiency.So there are some fruits also that can fights with cold like.

See in this video that how 8 best fruits can cure the head or common cold

That Fighting with cold
Fights with viruses and increase immunity
Strengthen immune system
make body warm to fight with cold
Increases body stregth

Precaution Required For Curing Cold

1. Don’t take any cold item like cold water or ice-cream.It increases cold for long time. Better try to cure early at its inception.

2.Don't take cooked rice until cold cure as rice remain cold in nature and it may prolong the cold


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