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Head massage with hair oil

Updated on March 31, 2010
The 107 points or marmas on the scalp that are connected to the vital organs.
The 107 points or marmas on the scalp that are connected to the vital organs.

Champi or Maalish are common slang associated with a head massage that has been an age old practice in India from birth to death. Even before a hair cut the street side barber/hairstylist gets a feel for the head shape with a head massage.

Head massage was recommended in Ayurvedic medicine right from childhood to increase the mental alacrity of a child. Patients were given head massages on a regular basis. Ever noticed how relaxing it feels after a head massage? Let’s understand this stress busting method the Ayurvedic way.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the head region is demarcated with certain acupressure points which bear direct link to the vital organs of the body. There are 107 vital pressure points or marmas . Marma points are the junctures, or meeting points, of the five organic principles which are the muscles, ligaments, bones, joints and vessels. These junctures form the seat of the prana, or vital life force, for it is at these points that the nerves, arteries, veins and lymph enter the organism to carry moisture and nutrients. Of these the three most important points are the crown, the temples and the point where the skull meets the vertebral column. This head massage is particularly beneficial to eyesight, increases the pranic energy levels in the brain and improves concentration.

Marma points are connected with each other by energy channels called Nadis. In the absence of any ailment, the energy flow should be uninterrupted through the Nadis as it flows through the Marma points. But symptoms of stress, tension, lack of rest etc makes the energy get blocked in Marma points. This causes stress and strain. A common complaint is sleeplessness resulting in a feeling of fatigue in the mornings. This is blocked energy. Marma massage is the ultimate treatment to help release this blocked energy and aid stress relief. Through observation it has been proven that a good head massage relaxes the nervous system and eliminates the fatigue caused by mental stress and strain. It improves the circulation of that life-giving sap, the cerebrospinal fluid. It assists in increasing the secretion of growth hormones and enzymes necessary for the growth and development of brain cells. The oil applied and massaged through, cures dryness of the scalp. There is prevention of hair loss, premature balding and graying with an increase in the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain


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