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Healing The Mother Wound: My Introduction

Updated on January 16, 2019
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Prisca is an individual who understands that life happens, and we all are connected. She is simply here to help and learn from others.

This past year had been full of pain and enlightenment, as I've learned a great deal. What you are about to read is from my own experience or that of others that are documented, and can be accessed from the internet. I am not saying that this will do for you what it will do for me; however, you may take this information and use it as you see fit. My opinions are my own, and I will state what is my opinion(s).

If you have more factual information and feel the need to correct me, please do so in a professional manner. Opinions are not facts, so, please have them together and come correct. Thanks.

What is a "Mother Wound"?

The "Mother Wound" (in my opinion) can be defined as something, someone, thought or ideas that exist within the world of force, and it manifests in the form of self-destruction, bad decisions, or poor judgment calls that negatively influence your life (personal relationships, friendships, employment, etc.) within the material world.

Have you ever heard someone say that they'd been broken beyond repair? The mother wound is the ultimate source of your shadow self (aka it's shield or barrier). What feeds the mother wound is your emotional attachment enabling it to fester and manifest until it consumes you completely.

This ultimately leads to self-destruction unless you identify it, open the wound once more bleeding it dry, and apply a healing salve by removing those attached emotions. This will, in turn, give you power over your shadow self by breaking the barrier, and restoring your true self. This process is very intense in the beginning stage, and extra emotional support is recommended.

Your Shadow Self Vs. Your True Self

Let me be clear when I say this. Your shadow self does exist, and everyone has one. Your shadow self could be another name for your subconscious as well. Your shadow self or subconscious is manifested through your spirit or true self. It can and will use magick very efficiently because it knows more than you do as a conscious human being on the earth's plane. Your shadow self only cares about one thing...itself. It's like a child, and like any child, it laughs when you make those funny faces after being hit by one of life's many curve balls (right where it hurts). It focuses on ways to cause mayhem in your life every moment it gets, and it will cast spells on your behalf (if beneficial) or use magick against you to ultimately destroy you.

Your true self is the prisoner, and your physical form is its protector. With all of those negative attachments or shadows you may have, your defenses are defenseless. You are not it's protector if the subconscious or shadow self is in control. Your true self is the secret that your shadow self wants to keep all to itself. If you are being attacked by your shadow self, chances are... a mother wound exists. A mother wound cannot exist without your shadow self being its driver.

Don't get me wrong here. Everyone has tough times in life and may come from dysfunctional families, but when your life is a constant crash and nothing fixes no matter what you do there is a main source. By times, I mean long periods of time. I'm speaking in terms of courses of years! Often times, the mother wound is bourne from events stemming from that of childhood, and over time will enable your shadow self to consume you completely. I've said the same statement mentioned above about being broken beyond repair because that's where all mine started... Yep. I was only a toddler when it all started, and as I grew into an adult I was completely lost. Basically going through life blindfolded. I thought that I was broken to the point that I can't be fixed, but now I think there is hope.

Remember that the shadow self conceals everything, and you won't know anything until it happens. You will have no control unless you break its defenses (heal the mother wound). Among these people are those who suffer from mental illnesses or children who had been traumatized in their upbringing. Perhaps you are someone who just let life slip away because of your lack of knowledge and understanding of what is going on around you. In other words, you as an individual stopped maturing during your teenage years (for whatever reason) when you should have kept going. Meaning, you only developed enough knowledge for immediate survival. There was no development of social skills or how to interact with the outside world. You only did the minimum and crawled right back under your rock (work, school, kids, relationships, etc.). You probably are one that calls yourself the 'Black Sheep' of the family, right?

Consider this for a moment. Have you ever been in a situation where it took a certain someone to get through to you on so many levels that you are one jacked up individual? This does not feel very good, especially if the certain someone happens to be your significant other. When certain messages need to be heard they will find a way to get your attention. Majority of the time the significant other is where it hits home...

If you aren't aware of what you are doing consciously, how can you fix anything? No matter how many times anyone else may try to tell you that you're screwing things up, you will not fix anything if you can't see the problem. With little or no time to work with (considering the situation), you're stuck trying to figure out how to fix your errors. You can't fix them because of the barrier that is in place to hide what actually needs to be fixed... Am I making sense? It's all coming back full circle.

Meanwhile, your true self (at this point) is dormant and had been your whole life (it seems); furthermore, it doesn't know why it's being punished or tortured. It only knows that bad things are happening, and it doesn't understand why. It only feels the hurt but has no knowledge of why it hurts.

Identifying & Accepting Your Mother Wound

The first step in this process is to acknowledge and accept that there is a mother wound present. If you're honest with yourself and say, "Hold up! Pump the breaks because this is not me" or "Something is really wrong here", you are acknowledging the fact that there is a presence of something... This will prompt you to do some evaluation. Think for a moment about what this consists of. This requires you to search, and what is required to complete that search? Going back to the source ... When, where and how it all began. That's something we all hate to do, but it must be done. Keep in mind to take extra care of yourself. I understand that there are those individuals who may not have any support system in place at all, but there is a way around that as well. Feel free to inquire.

After Acceptance, you will have to open the wound again. By this, I mean that you have to relive those very incidents that got you just where you are now. You have to get it all out! I am an individual who does better with writing, but this can also be done by video, audio or illustrations. In my opinion, writing is best for this process.

Getting it all out is telling the story of your mother wound. You have to ask these questions to yourself, and brutally honest:

  • How did it happen?
  • Who did it to you or was the cause?
  • When was it?
  • Who knows about it or who did you tell?
  • Why did you or didn't you tell?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • When did it stop?

You don't have to ask these exact questions, but ask yourself the tough questions and answer them truthfully... That means swallowing those horse pills that I've spoken about in another post. This goes along with the phrase "know thyself". If you're like me... You don't... Keep in mind that I am sharing with you all my experience with this process as I go. What works for me may not work for you, but you're always welcome to try it.

Apply The Mother Wound Healing Salve

The Mother Wound Healing Salve is just you cutting the emotional ties to your mother wound... nothing more. Once you've identified from start to finish what your mother wound is, you can start the healing process.
Your next step will be to cut your emotional ties to your mother wound(s). It's often times called cutting the cord like the umbilical cord that nourishes a fetus inside the womb. You will cut off the cord by releasing the emotions attached to it. Feelings and emotions are what helps your mother wound fester and manifest into something more serious. Only after this is done can the true healing begin.


From the information that I've gathered, this process could be best for my circumstances. Before you go, I wanted to share something with you. I've read about a tonic that you can consume orally during the healing process called "Mother Wound Healing Tonic".

For the "Healing Tonic", you will need:

  • Yarrow Root
  • Ginger Root
  • Tonic Water
  • Gin
  • Honey (optional)

There were no instructions on amounts and how often, however, I'd use with caution. I plan to use it 3 times before, 3 times during and 3 times after cutting the emotional ties. I think you will need it most during the beginning stage or the acceptance stage. It all depends on you as the individual. There will be more follow-ups on this post in the future to share progress or lack thereof. If possible, I'd like to be a helping hand to my sister and brother witches that may be going through similar issues as mine. If you are interested in trying it out, please share with me. If you have already, please share with me. Thanks for reading.


Credit & Sources:

Cyndi Brannen
My resources are very limited with this post, as I am going off of instinct and knowledge from others; however, I'd like to take this time to acknowledge this wonderful Lady, Cyndi Brannen. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I am truly thankful that I was led to her. You may click the link above for more information about her.

© 2019 Prisca


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