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Healing Trips to See John of God

Updated on August 1, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content-sharing websites. She's the author of 12 books and helps other authors publish theirs.

John of God
John of God

Who is John of God and What Does He Do?

Unless you have been in hiding for many years you must have heard of a man by the name of John of God, whether through print, media, or word of mouth.

John of God is by far one of the best spiritual healers out there, if not the best. He is known all around the world for his tremendous abilities to heal people in many ways.

He has cured and reversed diseases such as cancer, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, blindness, after effects of the stroke or heart disease and even AIDS, among others.

He has also healed people by restoring their mind, body, soul, and spirit along with the emotions that make up our daily lives. People saw their lives improve after making a trip to see John of God and it didn't even have to be health related. That is truly remarkable.

People from all parts of the world (whether they are seriously ill or not) make trips to the little village of Abadiania in the country of Brazil to see this miraculous human being, who has saved and changed the lives of many, many people and continues to do so today.

John of God sees thousands of people a day. He doesn't turn anyone away and he doesn't charge any money either. Everything that he does is free of charge, which may be hard to believe but it is true.

It may sound too good to be true and hard to believe but this isn't a fable that someone made up, and it's not a marketing scheme of any kind. What John of God does is real and it has been proven time and time again by those that have gone to see him, by the experiences they share with others.

I have family friends who have gone to see John of God many times who have been healed tremendously. One of these people was unable to walk and found himself in a wheelchair, but now he can walk again thanks to John of God. Another person lost his vision in one of his eyes after flying on a plane. He was completely blind and doctors were unable to save his eye. After making the trip to John of God he can now see again. And while he was skeptical in the beginning about what John of God can do, he is not skeptical anymore after his own eye has been saved. While the vision on that eye is not 100% he is able to see, which is definitely a miracle.

Healing Trips to See John of God

Tatyana, one of my closest family friends, went to see John of God when she was seeking emotional and physical healing. He has helped her tremendously on her emotional and physical healing journey. She is very grateful to have turned to John of God when she did. Now, she goes to see John of God on a regular basis and helps others do the same. Being experienced in different types of meditations and healing techniques, she has been an authorized guide of the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiania for six years and organizes trips to this spiritual place so others can see for themselves who John of God is and experience and witness the miraculous things that he can do to people.

To get the most of your trip to see John of God it is best to go there with a guide. You can't just go with any guide, however; you need to find one who is both professional and experienced in making the most of your healing trips to see John of God. Tatyana is that person.

She is a remarkable woman who knows everything there is to know about making the trip to see John of God and embarking on your own healing journey. Your trip to see John of God will be worry-free and more rewarding with her as your guide. Take part in one of her healing trips to see John of God and see for yourself just how amazing he really is. Below is a link to her website. Please check it out.


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