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Healing Waters Spa for Better Skin

Updated on March 12, 2011

When we splash, spray and bathe our bodies in water, amazing things begin to happen. 

The ancient Greeks recognised the healing power of water. At spas around the world water is used in different ways to unleash skin's natural vitality and revitalise our whole being - mind, body and spirit. The basic elements of water or hydrotherapy should be a part of your daily skincare regime.

Mother Nature

We have a deep affinity with water and are cap­tivated by thundering waterfalls, gurgling streams and reflective lakes. Simply being near water uplifts the spirit and soothes the psyche. In many cultures, water symbolises the mother. A watery environment seems to provide the comfort, security and privacy we crave when life is fraught and demanding. Being close to or enveloped in water may kindle subconscious memories of life within the womb. There's nothing quite as relaxing and liberating as floating in water. And from inner stillness and tranquillity spring renewed energy and vitality. 

Natural waters that gush from the earth's inner core are renowned for their healing prop­erties. Prized for their purity, these spring and mineral waters contain numerous health-enhanc­ing minerals. At health spas established at these sources, the use of water to relax and revitalise the body has been perfected to a fine art. Water therapy can work wonders for restoring vitality and cultivating skin's natural beauty. Discover their benefits for yourself.

Spa treats

Hot and cold showering - A shower is a superb energiser. Gushing water releases negative ions into the air which make us feel calm yet refreshed. In contrast, polluted air is rich in positive ions. 

Alternating hot (36.7-40°C/98-104°F) and cold (12.7-18.3°C/55-65°F) water stimulates the circulation and leaves skin glowing. Switching from warm to cold invigorates and fortifies the system, helping to boost resistance to illness.

Always begin with a comfortably hot shower and once warmed up, switch the temperature to cold for 30-60 seconds, then turn back to warm. If you finish with a cold blast be sure to wrap up in a warm towel afterwards. After alternate showering rest for at least 5 minutes, preferably longer, before dressing.

Hot and cold foot baths are a good substitute for whole body showering.

Jet massage (douche au jet) - At spas powerful jets of warm (36.7-40°C/ 98-104°F) water are directed at the body from a distance. They are used to massage specific areas such as the thighs, calves, bottom and tummy to improve skin tone and refine the body contours Blasts of water help to unearth and clear toxins from the tissues. They boost the circula­tion of blood and lymph.

At home use the shower attachment to spray your body. Work up the calves and thighs, use circular movements over the bottom and tummy. Gently spraying the breasts with chilly water on a regular basis is reputed to keep them firm and well-toned.

Bain bouillant (bubbling bath) - These are deep jacuzzi-style baths fitted with underwater jets. The water constantly bubbles while the finer jets massage the body from top to toe. Herbs and essential oils may be added to the bath to enhance the benefits.

At home, buy fresh herbs and place a good handful in a muslin bag. Hang the bag on your bath tap, allowing the running water to flow over it and to enable the herbs to steep in the bath.

  1. Invigorating - rosemary, peppermint, pine.
  2. Relaxing - camomile, lavender, lime blossom, lady's mantle.
  3. Moisturizing - marshmallow, elderflowers, rose petals.
  4. Fortifying - eucalyptus, thyme, basil.
  5. Scented baths - For a luxurious perfumed bath add essential oils - either alone or chosen to complement your choice of herbs. To disperse in the water first dissolve the oil droplets (6-10) in a tablespoon of milk, preferably organic.


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