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"Healing From a "Psychological Trauma" Is a Long Journey"

Updated on April 18, 2020
Zura Khan profile image

Healing from a psychological illness is a long road that has bumps. This journey may leave you tiring but all you need is to keep moving!

Introducing "Healing"!

To me, healing is a long process that includes your "emotional efforts" to feel better again. To rise again after falling many times & it also includes all the experiences that you have endured during all these years!

Healing from a physical trauma could also be a painful process but once you get healed you are healthy again. But healing from a psychological or an emotional trauma itself is a whole story! What could possibly be the problems that you could face in this healing journey? Let's have a look!

Figuring out the "causes" of trauma!

Before we go in detail about the "healing process", we need to talk about the "trauma". So that we could easily differentiate between psychological traumas and physical traumas. Psychological traumas are set when something terrible happens in your life or you suffer about something mentally. It also involves your "emotional" reactions too. You could feel overwhelmed about that specific incident that has caused you to suffer badly!

Different people have different reactions to their life incidents. In addition to that, the threshold to endure psychological pain may vary too! There are many reasons that can contribute to one's trauma. For instance, if someone has had a terrible accident and now is living with psychological illness i-e PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Apparently, he has recovered from physical injuries from that accident but he is living and suffering each day mentally.

Therefore, psychological traumas or our reactions towards psychological illnesses are sensitive. And this is the reason this journey seems longer!

How Psychological Trauma continues!

As above mentioned, psychological traumas or a psychological reaction towards a trauma could be painful. But here is a detailed elaboration of how it actually starts! With trauma comes psychological pain, self-blaming, restlessness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, distress and what not! Though nobody had invited all these things, nobody had invited the trauma in the first place! But it happened, now you have to live with it. Emotional or psychological trauma is a common reaction to a distressing event, it becomes problematic when a person stays in that state for a longer period of time or find it problematic to process his/her emotions properly.

Each day starts getting harder on you. You start with a "Negative Self-Talk", blaming yourself for all this misery. Thinking negatively about your life and the people around you. What would be the result? You will become a victim of low self-esteem or anxiety disorder. Or you end up suffering mentally or psychologically!

Important to Remember!

Here, in all this self-blaming and self-doubting you forget to love yourself. You forget to remember that you are a human being & you are really getting hard on yourself! You have recovered from the physical symptoms of the traumatic event without realizing that you are suffering from it psychologically. And it is draining your energies with each passing day!


"Psychological Healing" may seem difficult but it is worth giving it a chance. And for that, you need to start with "acceptance". Accepting yourself as you are. Acceptance of the trauma that had happened and now has gone for good. You need this affirmation that you are lovable because YES, you are! Acceptance is the key to psychological healing.

Once you start accepting your life the way it is, you are almost there! You just need to realize that life is beautiful and you can still breathe and be grateful for so many things.

Seeking Help is always Okay!

Another important thing that you need to tell yourself is "seeking help" is always fine. Sometimes, human beings need someone to listen to us. Or bring light into our lives when days get darker. So it is completely fine if you ever needed help or you are seeking it. Stop negative self-talk. Healing is not a one day process, it is okay if you are taking your time to heal. Don't rush! just give it some time, and you will be healed.

Giving your thoughts a new direction

Your thoughts play a major role in healing. because most of the mental health problems are due to negative thoughts or bizarre thoughts that show us a negative direction. Or we perceive things accordingly. But when we start using our thoughts in a most productive manner then we convert negative thoughts into positive ones. So, giving your thoughts a new direction is helpful in the healing process.

Adopting Healthy Activities

Healthy activities that may help you in the process of healing are exercising, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. These are the activities that rapids the healing process. It will regulate your nervous system and help you to be mindful of your present moment. Therefore, exercising and meditation has so much importance in the field of psychology.

Taking Care of Yourself

When a person who recently has gone through a trauma or has suffered from a mental illness starts neglecting the tasks which he used to do. Like caring for himself, eating or sleeping properly. And then his physical health may also deteriorate. So it becomes essential for a person to get back to loving himself which may include the following things:

  • Getting proper rest & Sleep
  • Regulating eating routine
  • Listening to favorite music
  • Reading a favorite good book
  • Going to meet friends, etc.

Going for Professional Help or Therapy

Last but not the least, going for professional help to avoid nightmares, flashbacks or anxiety would definitely help your recovery. Mental Health issues are no more stigma and you can surely ask a professional therapist & set an appointment. Because sometimes, it becomes really important to get a professional help to get back to normal track of life. Healing may take a lot of time but it is important to remember that you have to keep going!


Conclusively, Healing is a process that is not always smooth. You may feel tired in the middle of the road. Or there may be days when you feel like giving up. BUT WAIT, let me assure you there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to keep patience and try to see the brighter side of the picture. And a day comes when things would be better again and that that you will be Healed psychologically as well as emotionally!

© 2020 Zura Rubab Khan


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