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Healing without medicine

Updated on September 7, 2020
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As an occasional writer, I passionately love Jesus and firmly believe that salvation lies solely in Him. No matter how hard one tries, ther

Healing is as much a part of the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ as forgiveness of sins is


Freedom isn’t free

Freedom isn’t free. It cost a lot of people their life and a lot of people a lot of time overseas and away from their families and we just appreciate all that you’ve done alright.

I’m going to be sharing on healing. God does a lot of things and I know that it is God’s will for you to be well. I know that we’ll be going through some of the same things but I have seen thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people healed. I know that the same thing will work for you. How many of you in here need a healing in your body. I think that this would still apply. Let me just start over here in first Peter chapter 2 verse 24 and this verse says “his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree that we that being dead to sins might live unto righteousness by whose stripes ye were healed.”

Again this is something that could be developed in a lot more detail. Did you know that healing is not an appendage or it’s not an add-on to the gospel. The church has pretty much, I’m talking about as a whole the universal Church has pretty much made healing something that is additional. Maybe God can do it but you never know what God’s gonna do.

If you were to look up the word for salvation in the Bible the one that’s used over three hundred and something times. Though it literally is translated healed like in James chapter 5 where it says if any sick let him call for the elders. Church pray over him and the prayer of faith will save the sick. It’s not talking about forgive the sins. It’s talking about healing your body.

Healing is as much a part of the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ as forgiveness of sins is. It’s not separate. We didn’t have faith for healing because we didn’t teach on healing. We just taught about forgiveness of sins but healing is a part of the atonement. Jesus died for your sickness and your disease just as much as he died for your forgiveness of sins. I’m gonna make a statement here that is radical and some people think that I’m weird.

I think you’re weird. I would no more be sick than I would go sin. I fight sickness the same as I fight sin. I hate sickness I don’t embrace sickness. I don’t say that, well it’s flu season and I guess I’ll have to be sick. There’s a lot of people that just think sickness is normal. It’s normal for people that don’t know the Lord and it’s normal for most Christians who don’t know what Jesus has purchased for them. Jesus died to heal you of sickness and disease as much as he died to forgive you of sin. In the same way that you ought to resist adultery and say no I won’t do it you ought to resist being sick. I’m not saying that God hates you. I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you’re sick. I’m saying that you aren’t receiving what the Lord has for you.

This is one of the important thing about healing is. That you’ve got to get to where healing isn’t optional. There’s a lot of people that will sit there and they will embrace headaches. They will embrace the flu. They’ll embrace things. I’m getting older and so I just have to start having some pains and stuff. You accept it that’s the reason that you’re sick. I don’t believe in getting sick. I don’t get sick, I will not get sick. I know some of you are already like this is weird. Well you’re entitled to your opinion. I’m not mad at you. God loves you I love you. But I’m not gonna agree with you. We’d both be wrong. I’m telling you God wants you well.

It is God’s will, He purchased healing for you. Don’t feel condemned by that but instead feel encouraged that the Lord died to produce healing for you. Let’s turn over to Isaiah chapter 52 and let me just illustrate this with Scripture. Here Isaiah chapter 52 and in verse 14 and I wish they had time to put this in its context. I haven’t got time to do that but if you study this, this is talking about Jesus. Isaiah chapter 53 is the famous scriptures about how he bore our sorrows and carried our griefs and in Chapter 52 verse 14 it says as many were astonished at his visit. Was so marred more than any man in his form more than the sons of man.

The word visages his face was marred more than any man and his form more than the sons of man. The NIV says so that he didn’t even look human. I saw the movie The Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson. He did that and you know I’m not criticizing what he did at all because he was limited with just video and stuff like this but it was rated R. He said that if he would have made it the way he really believed it was, it would have been x-rated and they wouldn’t have, nobody would have come to see it so he had to tone it down.

Did you know that when Jesus hung on the cross he was still recognizable as a human being. This verse says that his form was marred so that he didn’t even look human. We don’t have a full understanding of what Jesus went through. I don’t believe that any Roman beating caused the things that is being described here, it was although I’m not minimizing what happened to Jesus being beaten by the Romans and crucified that was terrible. What was really bad is that every sickness every disease that has ever hit the human race entered into the physical body of Jesus. The things that you’re dealing with your pain anything that you’re dealing with, it all came into the body of Jesus.

He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. The Bible says Jesus face was marred more than that more than any man. Jesus’s face had cancers and tumors and and heads that had swollen. I’ve seen pictures of people with elephantiasis how their body swells and all kinds of things happen.

Jesus had everything that has ever hit the human race happened to his physical body so that when he hung on the cross he didn’t even look human. He didn’t just forgive us of our sins as important as that is, I’m not minimizing that but he died to produce physical healing in your body. If you are suffering with sickness and disease, you are leaving something a gift that Jesus purchased at great expense for you and you’re leaving it on the table. You know if for some reason I had loved you enough and if I could have died and borne your sickness and disease and if I went through that suffering and then you just chose not to receive it because after all what was really important was getting your sins forgiven and you were just gonna leave the sickness and disease and live that way. That wouldn’t please me. It would be like I went through this for nothing.

If Jesus bore my sorrows and grief then I’m not gonna bear them.

I did this for you and it’s like a gift and you aren’t receiving it. I’m not saying this to scold anybody. I’m saying it that God was as concerned about your physical body and your healing as he was about your forgiveness of sins. Yet it’s not been presented this way.

Faith comes by hearing. Hearing by the Word of God and because it hasn’t been presented this way there’s a lot of people. I know that there’s people reading this right here that to you healing is optional. It’s not. It is a part of your atonement. He wants you well as much as he wants you forgiven of sins in the same way as you wouldn’t compromise on that. You wouldn’t just go live in sin because well I tried. I asked God to help me not commit adultery but the desire still came.

I think I’ll go ahead and do it, no it’s a fight and sometimes you have to resist. What you need to where you resist sickness, you need to hate sickness as much as you hate adultery, as much as you hate lying, as much as you hate anything. I hate sickness.

You gotta hate sickness. You gotta hate it and yet somehow you don’t hate it you embrace it. You talk about ‘my sickness’, you talk about ‘my pains’. The Bible says resist the devil and he’ll flee from you. The word resist means that actively fight against. You gotta hate sickness. Hate it not the person but his sickness.

One women who was in England and the people were telling her you need to embrace autism if you hate autism you hate your son this is your son he is autistic and you’ve got to embrace this and recognize this as the way it was. She got mad and told them no I will not embrace autism. Autism is trying to kill my sons and she says I hate autism and she stood up and because of that her two boys have now been totally freed by the English national healthcare service.

They are just awesome and totally set free because she didn’t embrace it. She didn’t accept it. The worst thing you can do is accept your sickness and disease and say well this is just my lot in life.

Again we could spend time on every one of these things. There are people that say this is how God moves in your life. This is God teaching you something. This is the way he humbles you. That’s a lie. I’d be gentler if I had more time. I’m just telling you that’s a lie. Satan is out to steal kill and destroy. God is not the author of sickness and disease. It is not God’s will. God hates sickness and if you would hate sickness and resist it, that is one of the very first things to seen healing come to pass in your life. You’ve got to know that this is God’s will that there is no other way.

God is using this and put it on you to teach you something. This is Satan trying to come to steal to kill and to destroy. You’ve got to have an absolute assurance that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed. Look in the 53rd chapter the first few verses here “who hath believed our report”. You know there’s people that just can’t believe what I’m saying. They can’t believe that God Almighty would come down here and take every sickness, every disease, every problem of the human race in his body.

Why would God do that and it says that when we see them there’s no beauty in him. There’s nothing in Jesus that we should desire him. If for some reason, if I could imagine being God and I love the human race enough to come to the human race and die for them. If I became a man, I guarantee you I would upend the greatest specimen of human flesh that you had ever seen. I would have been bigger, taller . I’d have made Hercules look pitiful compared to me, and yet this says it. Jesus, there was no beauty in him there was nothing that we should desire him.

Jesus was as plain as any person in here. I don’t believe he was necessarily ugly but there was nothing special about Jesus. There is no beauty that we should desire. Jesus suffered not only on the cross and not only when he got beaten by the Romans. Just thinking, here you are God Almighty and you’re walking by people every day and they don’t even notice you. You know that’s suffering. You’re the one that created them and nobody even notices you.

You were so plain that nope there was nothing special about you. Jesus bore, if any idea feel like you’re just plain and like there’s nothing special about you. I guarantee you Jesus felt all of that. People didn’t recognize Him. He suffered the entire time being limited to a physical body and walking around. But it says He bought, He did this. He bore our sorrows and He carried our griefs.

He didn’t bear his sorrows. Jesus didn’t do anything wrong. There was nothing for him to suffer for. He suffered for us. Everything that Jesus suffered, he suffered for us. In chapter 53 and in verse 4 surely he hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted. If Jesus bore my sorrows and grief then I’m not gonna bear them.

I refuse to bear them again. I know that some people won’t understand what I’m saying. Jesus bore my sorrows and grief. I’m not saying that you don’t miss a person if they’ve died and gone on. There’s a difference between grieving the way the world grieves. Where you’re just devastated and just loving a person and missing them.

This says he bore our sorrows and carried our grief. If he did that I’m not going to carry them. I refuse to carry them. I know some. I can’t believe what you’re saying. That’s the reason you bear sorrows and grief is because you accepted it to you. It’s acceptable, this is normal, this is what you’ve been taught as you think in your heart. That’s the way you are. That’s the reason you’re experiencing it.


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