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Healing Properties, Health Benefits and Other Medicinal Uses of Lemons

Updated on March 10, 2011

Rediscover the amazing therapeutic properties and health benefits of lemons.

Lemons have long been recognized not just for their varied culinary uses but also for their medicinal healing properties. Yet still, not so many people today know that these fresh citrus fruits - when taken substantially can be used to treat a wide variety of common illnesses and diseases. Therefore, these lemon fruits deserve another closer look to let people rediscover and learn what makes lemons to become one of the most powerful fruits packed with their own naturally amazing therapeutic and healing properties.

Lemons are packed with lots of health benefits for your body.
Lemons are packed with lots of health benefits for your body.

Properties of Lemons

Lemons are vitamin C rich fruits which have sour to bitter taste. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and acts as a very powerful antioxidant necessary for the growth and repair of body tissues. One regular size of lemon fruit contains about 45 mg of vitamin C. It also contains citric acid, potassium citrates, glucides, mineral salts and oligoelements (iron, calcium, silicium, phosphorus, manganese, copper) as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, PP, A, and carotene. The high levels of vitamin C found in lemons help build our body’s immune system which is responsible for fighting against free radicals that contribute to cancer and heart diseases. In addition, lemons are not only packed with anti-cancer healing properties which are commonly found in most citrus fruits but it also has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be very helpful in improving peripheral circulation.

Therapeutic & Healing Properties

Listed below are most if not all of the remarkable therapeutic healing properties and health benefits of lemons:

  • natural internal body cleanser, aids digestion and other digestive disorders
  • aids in regulating bowel movements and helps prevent constipation
  • helps blood circulation and helps treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • helps treat arthritis, rheumatism and gout
  • helps in losing toxins from the body through perspiration
  • helps strengthen the body defenses
  • helps in the treatment of insomnia and loss of appetite
  • helps treat kidney stone problems
  • helps relieve heart palpitations
  • helps in treating minor cuts and wounds
  • cure for stomach cramps and other stomach-related disorders
  • helps reduce acidity and lowers blood pressure
  • helps relieve sypmtoms of common colds and helps in the treatment of fevers and flus
  • natural cure for sore throat, dry cough, bronchitis, bronchial congestion and asthma
  • natural aid for weight loss
  • natural cure for nose bleeds
  • natural cure for common skin problems
  • natural cure for bad breathe as it washes away bacteria left in the mouth

Other Common Uses

Generally, lemons are more commonly used as an active ingredient to one’s culinary preparation with a simple reason - to add flavor or to enhance the taste of food and drinks. Yet one of the many wonderful things about this particular fruit is that all of its parts can be very useful. From its peel, pulp, juice, and the whole fruit itself, nothing can be spared from a lemon fruit.

In making salad dressings, preparing marinades, baking cakes, making jams, jellies, marmalades and other sweet concoctions, the lemon zest, peel, pulp or the whole fruit itself can have a very wide variety of uses. Lemon zest taken from the peel of the fruit is one of the most common culinary uses of lemons. As a matter of fact, the lemon peel itself contains high levels of citric acid and anti-cancer compounds. It also contains a relatively higher amounts of medicinal phytochemicals than the lemon juice or pulp.

On the other hand, the lemon juice has long been recognized for its popular use in making a cool and refreshing lemonade drink, lemon teas, sorbets, and many others. Taking a teaspoon of lemon juice a day helps in reducing blood pressure and helps prevent many infections. Long time ago, it is believed that the Romans use lemon juice as a powerful cure for all types of poisons.

In aromatherapy, the essential lemon oil can be very refreshing and has a wide variety of benefits. As it boosts blood circulation, it also helps greatly in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, varicose veins, frost bites as well as common ailments related with the respiratory system such as asthma, dry cough and bronchitis.

In addition, the lemon fruit’s varied chemical composition and high vitamin C content can be used as a valuable natural ingredient in the treatment of common skin problems and various skin disorders. This is one of the reasons why today, lemons have become one of the most popular and important natural ingredient in making natural homemade skin care solutions as well as commercial cosmetic products.


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