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Diet Plans Reviewed

Updated on October 1, 2014

Diet Plan Overviews

Losing weight requires a lot of discipline and a good diet plan.

A good diet plan consists of a balanced approach to diet, exercise, and supplements. There's also one other element people overlook - your mindset. Yes, the way you think has a great deal to do with how you execute your diet plan.

What Does You Body Need?

What your body needs and what it wants are two different things. Cravings usually contribute to weight gain and not weight loss. Cravings are triggered by emotions and stress, and cravings usually involve the urge to eat foods that don't contribute to losing weight. This is one of the key challenges most people face when they start a diet plan, cravings are very hard to overcome.

There are two types of nutritional needs. One is the basic vitamins and minerals required for survival. The other is specific nutritional needs for ones lifestyle. This can include a daily amount of good calories for energy or more protein for athletic individuals. Just because you want to lose weight doesn't mean you can starve your body of these basic nutritional needs.

Dieting Options and Obstacles

Your doctor will offer options that include diet pills, lipo suction, stomach rings, and fat burners. Everyone's situation is different, and it may be necessary to use one of these options to reduce a persons weight down to a manageable level. But for many, it's just easier to hop on one of these options compared to discipline required for a natural diet plan.

Unfortunately, the options mentioned above don't always solve the underlying problem and once the procedure is done, eventually the weight is gained back.

Mind hunger is a condition that can cause overeating. Mind hunger is a psychological condition where your brain craves food but your body is fully satisfied. In this state of mind you could have eaten 10 minutes ago, but your mind creates a sensation of being hungry. Doctors say there's a chemical reaction in the brain that sends a signal to your stomach creating hunger. At this point your body cannot breakdown the added food fast enough and the excess fat is stored as "body fat."

Things You Can Do to Lose Weight

While you're creating a plan plan, you can do other activities to help with weight reduction:

  • Volunteer - keeps your mind off of food
  • Exercise - not only good for your body, but puts your mind in a productive positive state
  • Keep a food diary - track eating habits, make comments, track progress
  • Diet partner - someone to call when you feel weak, depressed
  • Read - feed your mind knowledge about nutrition, the more you understand the better chance you have to change

Not all diet plans are successful, A diet plan has to make sense, some diet plans of the past did more damage than good by causing sluggishness and dehydration in many of its participants - most have been removed from the market by now.

There's an old saying "no pain, no gain," in this case gain means lose weight. You should never feel pain when dieting, If you do then stop and reevaluate your program. A good diet plan is one that provides nutritional needs, but also includes good calories. A good plan should teach you how to gradually change your eating habits and allow time for these changes to take place.

Do not confuse "dieting with starving." Starving is not a good diet plan, education and common sense is where you should start.

Diet Pill Side Effects

Popular Diet Plans

Just because a diet plan is popular doesn't mean it's the best one for you. Having said that, the following diet plans have been around for a while and have been widely accepted as good, overall plans.

  • Atkins Diet Plan - Probably the most well known low-carb / high-protein diet. It first appeared back in the early 70’s. The Atkins Diet
  • Rice Diet Plan - For over 60 years, the Rice Diet has been helping people with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and hypertension
  • Grapefruit Diet Plan - Appears in different forms around the world, although it usually includes grapefruit with most meals
  • Low Fat Diet Plan - Low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates. You will eat more complex carbohydrates, fiber, fruit, veggies, and salad
  • Protein Diet Plan - Based on more than 15 years of research, the Drs. Eades have used their common sense approach to Low-Carb/High Protein
  • Fat Flush Plan Diet -A diet that stimulates lymph flow to flush out toxins and cellulite fast! This diet will reduce tummy fat and fatty deposits
  • Suzanne Somers Diet Plan - More than 3 million people have discovered how to Somersize… the amazing way to eat delicious foods in abundant portions
  • Jenny Craig Diet Plan - Jenny's delicious cuisine offers satisfying, nutritious and convenient meals and snacks that take the guesswork out of caloric intake.

It's always a good idea to consult with a professional dietician or your doctor before starting a diet program. There may be medications or other medical considerations that need to be factored into your diet plan. The velocity, as they call it, is the pace at which you lose weight. Transforming your body is always a challenge, whether you're building muscle mass or reducing body fat, and the pace at which you do this is just as important as the diet plan you choose.

Dieting and planning how to do it requires change. Changing habits takes a lot of willpower and discipline, which is why many people fail to complete their plan. Many diet plans are labeled as failures not because the plan doesn't work, but because the person failed to change. Choosing a diet plan that fits your conditions is paramount to making it work; you may slip, but as long as you get up and keep going you won't fail.


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    • profile image

      Harry Jensen 

      6 years ago

      I learned more something totally new on this weight loss issue. 1 issue is that good nutrition is tremendously vital if dieting. A massive reduction in fast foods, sugary foods, fried foods, sugary foods, beef, and whitened flour products could possibly be necessary. Possessing wastes unwanted organisms, and wastes may prevent targets for losing weight. While particular drugs quickly solve the situation, the horrible side effects are usually not worth it, and so they never offer you more than a non permanent solution. This can be a known indisputable fact that 95% of dietary fads fail. Many thanks for sharing your ideas on this blog site.

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    • rb11 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks Guide, it's a never ending education.

    • guidebaba profile image


      10 years ago from India

      Seems like now u have learnt. Now you are doing well in your New Hubs. You can even EDIT this Hub and divide into different HEADINGS using NEW TEXT Capsules. Try to use some MORE Pictures in your hubs, at least 5 and and some more videos. REMEMBER The Magic formula to TRAFFIC BOOST = More Pictures with Captions (OR ALT Tags) + Videos + RSS + NEWS. Even the e-bay and amazon ADDS to the SEO. Add 1 Amazon Capsule at the top and 1 at the bottom. Keep the Yahoo NEWS at the bottom. I will keep updating you with some of the tricks that I have learnt in Times to come. Keep it up !!!

    • rb11 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks guide, I'll try that always learning...

    • guidebaba profile image


      10 years ago from India

      Very well done. Try to split your Text into multiple paragraphs by using Text Xapsule. This will allow asdense ads to be at the top rather than at the bottom. Good Luck and keep up the good work.


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