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Health Benefits And Vitamins

Updated on March 4, 2012

Vitamin A

Consumers think of Vitamin A as one type of vitamin which it is, but it belongs to a group of related nutrients all classified as A; however working in two totally different ways.

  • Fat-soluble preformed-retinal
  • Water-soluble version of Vitamin A

When it comes to vitamin A most of us know it is a powerful antioxidant. But what most individuals don't know is that those of us who work long hours on our computers, or work under lights for an extended amount of time require more vitamin A than those who do not.

Vitamins has many functions and benefits which we will explore. It's common knowledge that vitamin A's most popular benefit is maintaining healthy eye function. This is why vitamin A is called the retina vitamin, it supports the retina in our eyes to continue its proper function.

Outside of vitamin A being an agent for good eye health. Vitamin A also plays a major role in the building of strong bones, teeth, and healthy soft skin, this vitamin is also responsible for assisting gatric juices in our stomachs for proper digestion.

Our Body And Vitamin A

Internal Benefits of Vitamin A

The internal health benefits are numerous including; keeping your eye lids moist, mouth, protects the mucus membranes of your nose, saturates the throat, stomach, and lungs. Let's just say Vitamin A is the powerhouse vitamin for providing moisture to the body.

Vitamin A is our body's internal moisturizer. The tissues in our bodies need Vitamin A for normal repair of tissues, if damage occurs to the skin, such as a scratch, cut, or bruise it will benefit you if your diet is rich in this supplement. This supplement aides the body in the regrowth of cell tissues. It also prevents scarring when healing if applied topically in a cream.

Signs of Vitamin A Deficiency

In this clip UNICEF is distributing vitamin A to children who are in desperate need when I came across this clip I couldn't believe it.

  • If you take away a nutrient that provides moisture to the skin, the first thing which comes to mind is dry itchy skin. I also want to list some of the signs perhaps which are uncommon:
  • your sense of smell becomes less able to detect smells
  • skin pimples
  • easy to tire
  • eyes having sties
  • constant infections
  • joint pain
  • you may notice your hair having less sheen
  • weak nails that break easily

UNICEF Distributing Vitamin A

Natural Sources of Vitamin A - And Absorption

Your fat soluble form of the vitamin can be found in meats while the water soluble form is derived from fruits and vegetables. One of the natural sources for vitamin A can be found in fish oil which is the highest quality of the vitamin you can absorb. To me absorption is the most important information a person should seek out when learning to benefit from natural sources of supplements. The way the body absorbs nutrients is as important as taking any vitamin supplement. For example in order for vitamin A to be properly utilized by the body zinc needs to be present to carry vitamin A through the blood stream.

Another factor which interferes with absorption is strengous physical activity. Refraining from exercise for 4 hours after the vitamin has been consumed is best for a high activity for absorption. A hard work out after taking vitamin A halts the body's natural rythm for these particular vitamin.

Other absorption method for better health benefits is to mash or puree natural sources before consumption. The body quickly benefits and absorps nutrients faster in these form. A delicious way is to try a smoothie.

Here is my own special smoothie blend:

2 Bananas

1 Papaya

crushed ice

2 cups of pineapple juice

Chop bananas, peel and de-seed papaya, add all ingredients in a blender, and blend until you have your desired thickness. This a great way to enjoy nutrients in a delicious way. I love pineapple juice, but if you prefer you can substitute with the juice of your choice.

Vitamin A At Work

Ailments And Vitamin A's Usefulness

A few years ago I constantly had trouble with being annoyed with repeated sties in my eyes. It started with the right eye, it was to the point of making constant trips to the doctor, and one trip to the emergency room. One doctor told me its pink eye, and I was given an ointment to use on the eye. Well the oilment didn't work out make it worst. I looked like I was celebrating Halloween in June. This when one for several months going back and forth from the right eye to the left eye, to the point I woke up one morning, and couldn't open the right eye at all. It was a nasty sight. Not once did a single doctor mention the possibility of a Vitamin A deficiency.

After so many trips to the eye doctor -- I changed gears and went to a health food store. The herbalist give me more useful information in one visit than any of the visits I had made to the doctor. Vitamin A supplements has many health benefits on specific ailments and diseases.

Not once had I considered I had a deficiency. There are other illnesses Vitamin A has a positive effect on which are, but not limit to:

  • Helpful with sexual reproduction
  • Increases the immune system of AIDS patients
  • Shorten the time length of the common cold
  • Improves night blindness
  • Decreases side effects of chemotheraphy in patients with throat and lung cancer


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    yvonne 8 years ago

    Hi, Great site, Our health should be the most important thing in our lives. We should treat it good. With out good health we have nothing. We need liquid vitamins, exercise, eating right, proper rest, drinking water and prayer are the sources of good health and well-being.